For readers without a long memory, the last major design update to EMULSIVE was way back in February 2016, just 7 short months after launch. It feels like no time at all but things have moved on quite a bit since then, and so should this website.

So, it is with quite a bit of pleasure that I’m happy to formally introduce you to the new, cleaner, faster, lighter and more secure Being the third major design so far, I’m calling it EMULSIVE v3.

Creative, I know.

2015 and even 2016 were simpler times. The website was still pretty new and I wasn’t publishing anywhere near as many articles as I am today…and that’s the rub. As the volume of content has grown (roughly five articles and five photo posts per week), the site’s infrastructure and ability to surface useful older content has not. This has changed with EMULSIVE v3.

For those of you who follow EMULSIVE on Facebook and Twitter, you’ll be familiar with the way I frequently repost older articles; it serves a purpose but is only part of the puzzle. Over the past six months or so I have been working on both a redesign of this website, rationalising all of my article categories and investigating options to migrate to a new hosting platform.

What you see here is the result of that work.

Here’s how the desktop version of EMULSIVE v3 compares to v2 (Feb 2016) and v1 (June 2015):

EMULSIVE v3 is designed to make it easier for you to find the film photography content you want, whether that be film and camera reviews, musings, EMULSIVE interviews, or photography by yours truly.

The site has been redesigned with speed in mind, from the servers it lives on, to the way it serves the (very pretty) pages you’re currently on. Compared to v2, the site is 3-4 times faster to load and serves higher quality images to more capable devices. Over the coming weeks months, you’ll see further updates, which will make articles even faster to load and with any luck, the ability to browse the site offline on your mobile phone (oh yes).

It’s tempting to rabble on about what the future holds but I’ll leave you to click through the site and see for yourself what’s changed. Be sure to check it out on your phone and tablet, as well as your computer and if you have any suggestions (or bug reports), please let me know using the contact form. Just an FYI, if you are seeing a red HTTPS error in your browser’s address bar any time from December 2nd to 3th, that’s ok. The secure certificate has been updated and the changes need some time to propagate across the web.

All that’s left for me to say is thank you for your support, whether that be a few Dollars a month via Patreon, your direct messages and emails to help me remain sane, or just generally being awesome here on the website and over on social media.


~ EM

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