January 2018 was a cracking start to the year here on EMULSIVE. With so many articles and tidbits being published every week, it’s easy to get lost in all the film photography goodness but wait, here’s a solution…possibly.

At the beginning of each month, I’ll be giving you all a round up of all the articles, interviews, photography and thought pieces published in the previous month on EMULSIVE. Since it’s now February 2nd, let’s take a look at the month that was January 2018, starting off with the top ten most popular and engaging articles published that month.

This non-top-10-top-10 represents all the stuff you spent the most time reading on the website and via social media; and is grouped by review, article, interview, etc.



Camera review: Bronica SQ Ai – by Adrian Vila

Camera review: Zenza Bronica SQ-Ai



Camera review: Canon EOS-1 – by Juan Gauna

Cover - Canon EOS1 Review



Camera review: Mamiya RB67 Pro-S – by Scott McClarin

Camera Review - Mamiya RB67 Pro-S



Scanner Review: Plustek Opticfilm 8200i SE 35mm film scanner – by Olli Thomson

Review - Plustek 8200i SE Film Scanner



The best of FP4party December 2017

Cover - FP4Party - December 2017



FP4party December 2017 winner announcement

2017-12-22 - Rui da Silva‏



I am Christoper P. Michel and this is why I shoot film




I am Darren Kelland and this is why I shoot film

Eastern seaboard



I am John Michael Caldwell and this is why I shoot film




I am Rob Hawthorn and this is why I shoot film

Stéphanie Johnson, HMUA Marah Pliego-Garcia, Cinestill 800T, Olympus OM1 w 135mm f/2.8




…and then there’s everything else

Believe it or not, I’m seeing last month’s content in this format for the very first time and I’m honestly a little stunned by it all.

Spoiler: there’s quite a bit!



And that’s a wrap. See you next time.




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