EMULSIVE January 2019: month in review

Welcome to what was January 2019. It was (obviously) the beginning of the year but was anything other than a slow start. Here’s everything published on EMULSIVE in January 2019 starting with the ten most popular articles as decided by you, the readers.

As a little bonus, I’ve also added in my final article of December 2018.


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Curmudgeonly commentary: welcome to the Hypersensitive Photographers Podcast episode 0

Wrongly described as the “worst new podcast of 2018” by the lovely folks over at the Sunny 16 Podcast, Jan 1st saw the release of a highly ill-advised project from myself and 35mmc’s Hamish Gill. If anything, it’s the worst new podcast of 2019 but you’ll have to decide for yourself by giving it a listen…or not.

Actually, please don’t.

5 Frames With… ILFORD HP5 PLUS (EI 400 / 35mm / Zenit E) – by Xochitl Elvira

The first 5 Frames With to make the list this year, Xochitl shows us five frames from her very first roll of home developed ILFORD HP5 PLUS.

Camera review: the Olympus IS-5000 bridge camera – by Tom Perry

A strange family of beasts on first glance, bridge cameras have a strange place in film photography history. Full of compromises, I used to think of these cameras as “Jacks of no trade”. While that sentiment might hold a bit of truth, if you consider them more as flexible all-rounders, you might grow to enjoy using them. I have.

How to take the leap into 35mm film photography – Daniel Novak

Daniel Novak put together this simple but comprehensive guide to getting into film photogrphy for absolute beginners. Inside you’ll find advice on buying your first camera, selecting a film stock or two, developing, scanning and archiving. A fantastic bird’s eye view of everything you need to get going.

The Ultimate guide to the Hasselblad 2000FCW, a focal plane shutter unicorn

The Hasselblad 2000FCW is hands down my favourite camera regardless of format. Penned as an exhaustive review, this article meanders into a love letter of sorts but I don’t mind. There’s no way I could be completely objective about this particular beast.

New for 2019: the CAMERADACTYL OG 4×5 hand camera – lightweight large format photography for all

Ethan Moses is a veritable powerhouse of ideas. What started with his 2018 Cameradactyl 4×5 field camera has snowballed into his Butter Grip, Butter case, camera shutter speed tester and now the “Cameradactyl OG 4×5”. The OG is a lightweight, robust travel 4×5 camera that and it’s available for order right now.

Camera review: the Nikon FE 2 – by Mac MacDonald

Mac MacDonald walks us through his process of selecting and shooting with the Nikon FE as his primary portrait camera.

Cinematic storytelling part 1: an overview of motion picture film and still photography

Jeremy Saltry kicked off part one of his three-part series looking into the use of motion picture film as a tool for still photography. Once you’re done reading this, make sure you jump into part two, which explores white balance, colour grading and the implications of C-41 development vs ECN-2.

Camera Review: Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, Flash Model – by Kikie Wilkins

Kikie is back and this time takes a look at his gorgrous Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model (possibly the longest name ever given to a camera). Kikie explores the box, accessories and also how it shoots.

Tetenal Europe GmbH to reportedly cease trading after 172 years

A sad turn for the end of Jan was the news coming out of Germany that Tetenal Europe GmbH was set to cease trading on April 1st 2019. Plans for a rescue attempt in the form of a management buyout were announced shortly after and the new team continue to explore ways and means to build a viable business out of the current shell.

BONUS: How to build a photography website in 2019…what you need to know

I released this article on December 31st 2018 and while it technically has no place in a “best of January 2019” article, this is my site and I can bend the rules. It’s an important piece, which I wrote to help those of you out there thinking about building or revamping your own photography website during the year ahead. A follow-up article will be coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

…and then there’s everything else

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