EMULSIVE September 2018: month in review

Welcome to the 30 days, 27 articles and 20 Daily Photo posts that made up September 2018 here on EMULSIVE. I know this recap is a little bit late. I’ve a couple of excuses but won’t bore you with them.

September 2018 was the final biennial Photokina (it switches to a yearly schedule starting in May 2019. As expected, lots went on, with the highlight of the show, for me at least, being the sheer number of analogue photography exhibitors in attendance. Over the course of the 26th to the 29th of September, we saw new lenses and film cameras, tools, devices and accessories from manufacturers both old and new. You may even have heard a little whisper about something called EKTACHROME 100 from a young upstart called Kodak. I don’t blame you if you missed it.

The top ten most read published here on EMULSIVE in September 2018 follow below (in date order, naturally).

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Review: Cinestill Df96 monobath developer by Stephen Schaub

A mixed media review containing audio, video and text put together by Stephen breaks down Cinestill’s Df96 monobath developer. Stephen walks us through the monobath process, some tips and tricks he’s developed along the way and of course, the results.

Film tests: Getting the best out of FERRANIA P30 Alpha part 2 by Scott Micciche

Scott is back with what’s likely to be the final series of tests with FERRANIA P30 Alpha film – I’ll leave you to figure out why that might be. Part 1 explored six developer recipes and part 2 extends this with an additional 3. It’s well, well worth a read even if you don’t shoot this particular film stock. Scott’s attention to detail in developing his methodology and testing process is admirable to say the least.

EMULSIVE Interview #187: I am Kim Weston and this is why I shoot film (NSFW)

I managed to get a bit of time with Kim Weston a few months back and spoke to him at length about his background, process and motivations for shooting film. The result forms my 187th film photographer interview.

Film review: My Fuji Slide Affair – by Denys Trofimchuk

Denys is back on EMULSIVE talking about his love affair with slide film. It’s not been a long one (a little over half a year) but he’s head over heels, as the photographs in his article demonstrate very well.

Every single film stock still made today – Part 7: the complete A-Z plus thoughts on the future of film

The official list was finally completed back in August and this part 7 wraps it all up with a nice little bow. Inside you’ll find a consolidated, searchable list of all the films listed in the previous six parts, as well as a few interesting breakdowns of formats, film types and my own thoughts on the future of film. I hope you enjoy the read.

Not a sous vide cooker: Cinestill’s ºCs “Temperature Control System” TCS-1000 is a useful tool for simple film development at home

Cinestill’s new Temperature Control System – a water/chemistry heater designed to help with film development. The device can be set to both relatively low black and white development temperatures, as well as higher temps required for colour. Unlike food-use sous vide machines, the TCS can be used to directly heat chemistry without damage to the heating element and impeller – and that’s just one of the differences. Check it out.

News: Kodak EKTACHROME E100 is here

A little under 20 months after it was announced in January 2016, Kodak finally announced the general availability of new EKTACHROME 100 in 35mm format. It’s been a long wait but here’s the official announcement. If you don’t want to wait until October 2018’s review, you can jump to my first impressions review of the film shot at EI 100, 200, 400 and 800 right here.

Film review: A new film from Fuji? Introducing Fuji Super HR-20, small grain for a small wallet

I’m just going to leave that hanging there just in case you’ve not read the article…

EMULSIVE Interview #188: I am Ted Viera and this is why I shoot film (NSFW)

I finally had the opportunity with the man with the smoothest voice in the film photography community for the second EMULSIVE interview this month. Please do check it out, if only to find out how fast his obsession with film photography took hold. Spoiler: blink and you’ll miss it 😉

Camera review: First impressions of the Chroma Camera 4×5 AKA what’s your poison?

John Whitmore got in touch a few months back asking if I’d be interested in featuring his thoughts on Steve Lloyd’s Chroma Camera. Of course, I accepted. Here’s John’s review of his “sh*ttng red!” Chroma 4×5.

…and then there’s everything else

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