30 days and 37 articles. Here’s everything you missed on EMULSIVE in September, starting with a list of the “top ten” as decided by you and ordered by date of publication.


The honesty in film photography - by Simon King

The Honesty in film photography

After some recent discussions with my peers, I’ve started to feel that “honesty” is an underrated quality in many genres of photography. I’ve given the topic a lot of thought, in order to take some personal steps to ensure my integrity, especially when it comes to what is shown in […]

Taking a chip off the old creativity block - by Chris Dixon

Taking a chip off the old creativity block

Writer’s block, creative slow-down, work paralysis – call it what you will but, as people who rely on a steady flow of creative juices to make a living, we will each face creative block at some point. It can manifest in many forms and have many causes, but the terror […]

…and here’s everything in order of publication

Life gets busy. Here’s everything from September in one single list.

Rants: There's no such thing as 120mm film...

There’s no such thing as 120mm film…

Let’s be as clear as possible: there is no such thing as “120mm film”. Medium format roll film for cameras like Hasselblads, Rolleiflexes and Pentax 67s, is called “120”. That simple ~120-year-old designation is all you ever need to use. This isn’t going to be a big revelation to many […]

Camera review: The Polaroid Automatic 100 Land Camera - by Kikie Wilkins

Camera review: Polaroid Automatic 100 Land Camera

In 1963, the Polaroid Corporation introduced the Automatic 100 Land Camera (also known as the Model 100). Named after Polaroid co-founder and genius inventor Edwin Land, the Land Cameras would go on to be a successful line of cameras for the company, produced in one form or another until the […]

Photostory- Never Forget 2003 - by Craig Pindell

Photostory: Never Forget 2003 – by Craig Pindell

Once again and with his kind permission, I’m posting one of Craig Pindell’s Never Forget series of photographs and his words in remembrance of the attack on New York’s World Trade Center on September 11th 2001. If you are reading this at 08:46 EST on September 11th 2019, Craig will have just […]

Camera review- The Canon SURE SHOT Z135 - by Tom Perry

Camera review: The Canon SURE SHOT Z135

It has come to the point in my life where I am the ‘camera guy’ to family and colleagues; I will not lie to you, I have brought this on myself, and knew it would happen. When Christmas or a birthday rolls around, I get camera-themed goods. At work I’d […]

Travelling with film: my Sri Lankan travelogue

Travelling with film: My Sri Lankan travelogue

I suspect it’s a common dilemma, you’ve booked a holiday with your partner (and or family/friends) and there’s no doubt the destination was influenced by potential photographic opportunities. How on earth are you going to balance wanting to take lots of photos with what other people want to do?!

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