This was EMULSIVE month 4
This was EMULSIVE month 4

Welcome one and all!

That’s month four under the belt. How did it go for you?
We’re into month two of our twice-weekly interviews and whilst time is an ever-present constraint, we’ve decided to continue with the format for the time being (possibly!). In fact, we’d really like your thoughts either in the comments, or via Twitter. Should we continue as we are, or switch back to the once-per-week format? The reason for asking is that we don’t want to do a disservice to the wonderful interviewees who’ve taken the time to get involved and talk to us. If you think two interviews per week are too much to take in, then please let us know.
Speaking of interviews, here’s who we featured in September:

If you’ve missed out on any of these, now’s the time to take a quick look.
In other news, we published the first of our #FILMSWAP reviews this month, covering Efke KB-25, a wonderfully high-contrast film from the now defunct Fotokemika. This month, we’ll be featuring further #FILMSWAP reviews for Rollei Retro 100 and Agfa Vista 200. Keep your eyes peeled.
Speaking of Christmas (sorry for the blind lead-in)…


We finally kicked off our inaugural Secret Santa registration last month and so far, so good. We’ve gotten quite a few of you on board already and we’re really pleased to tell you all that Kodak Alaris will be playing along with all of us. More news on that front as we get closer to the draw date.
Speaking of which, you have until the end of November to sign up and the draw will take place at Midnight UTC on December 1st.  Don’t delay, get registered now!
p you from finding out more here: EMULSIVE Secret Santa – Ho-ho-hoping you’ll join in.

Coming up

October is pretty much underway (we know this recap is late), but it’s shaping up to be quite busy for us at EMULSIVE HQ. Aside from the usual daily photos and interviews, you can expect a couple of reviews, some more from #FILMSWAP and perhaps a little something different in the form of a guest post, or two. We’ll keep you updated!

The lowdown


On Twitter –

  • 370 new Followers (We broke the 1,000 mark, thanks!)
  • 840 tweets
  • 1200 Mentions
  • 1.6k Favourites


  • To be fair, Facebook seems to be a it of a wasteland unless we decide to post linkbait…which we won’t.
  • 40-ish likes
  • 2 unlikes (woohoo!)
  • 95 shares (we figured how to read the graph)


Top reads

Our three most popular pieces this month featured Brittany Markert, Ray Larose and Diz. Our review of Fuji Provia 100F came in a very close 4th!
EMULSIVE daily photo
We’ve archived the 60 or so daily photos from this month right here and as ever, you can request high resolution versions of these images in the comments, or by getting in touch.
Thanks for making month four a great one, folks.

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