Month two simply flew by…was it that fast for any one else?
Thanks for all the support this month. We had some great feedback, interesting suggestions for the future; and some deserved and undeserved sarcastic comments – thanks for them all!
Looking back, well…we’re sorry that we didn’t make true on the reviews we had wanted to release but they are in the pipeline and as ever, we’d appreciate your suggestions for the month ahead.
This month we sent off (and received) quite a few #filmswap packages and we’ll hopefully be covering the results over the coming weeks. We’ve also got a little Christmas project under construction, so keep an eye out in August for more information and details of how you can get involved.
July 2015 saw the start of our our “…this is why I shoot film” interview series and we had some great contributions from Emericus Durden, Ron Ritz MD, Roger Ballen, HolgaJen and Jonas Lundström. Your response has been overwhelmingly positive and we’ve decided to switch over to a twice-weekly format for August and possibly beyond.
We’ve got some really talented photographers lined up for you this coming month and can’t wait to share their thoughts. @monochrometones, @Wakefanatic and @shootfilmride are just a few of the film shooters we’ve managed to pry away from their busy schedules for a quick chat. We’ll be kicking off with Antonio Biagiotti on Tuesday August 4th, so please make a note in your diaries.
There’s plenty to come this August but that’s enough from us for the moment. Let’s have a quick look at what happened this month at EMULSIVE.

The lowdown


On Twitter –

  • 290 new Followers (thanks folks!)
  • 800 tweets
  • 700 Mentions
  • 1k Favourites


  • 60 new page likes
  •  posts to our page
  • Two billion shares (actually about 70)

Top reads

It seems that our interview with Roger Ballen was this month’s most popular post, with our Tri-x experimentation guide coming in a close second.
Reviews and articles
With everything going on, you might have missed our Fuji Velvia 100 review, the photographer’s daypack part 2 and part 3, as well as our Rollei Superpan 200 experimentation guide. Go check them out!
EMULSIVE daily photo
We’ve archived all the daily photos from this month right here and as ever, you can request high resolution versions of these images in the comments, or by getting in touch.
Thanks for making month two even better than month one.

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