Kodak Vision3 250D motion picture film in 65mm format - a taste of things to come
Kodak Vision3 250D motion picture film in 65mm format – a taste of things to come

We’re incredibly tribal, us humans. When we find people who share the same interests and values as us, we tend form collectives, stick together and move as a herd.

Whether the film photography community would like to be called a tribe, or described as a herd remains to be seem but what I think I can say without risk of Twitter-geddon is that it’s a real honour and joy to be a part of it.

EMULSIVE launched one month ago and to date, your response has been beyond anything I could have imagined. I want to give my heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped us get on our feet. I’m pretty sure you know who you are but I’ll be telling  as many of you as I can throughout the day.

There’s a lot on the board for month two and I’ll be kicking off with an interview with Emericus Durden in a couple of hours time.

I’ve got a bunch more interviews lined up with some familiar and not so familiar faces and names, and I’m hoping to make them a weekly event. Keep your eyes peeled on Wednesdays (probably).

This month will also see more film reviews, experimentation guides and articles; as well as one or two acts of shameless self promotion!

Finally, I’m listening: tell me about a film you’d like me to review. Odds are that I’ve probably shot quite a bit of it.
So far, I have Shanghai GP3, Ilford HP5 PLUS and Kodak’s Vision3 250D motion picture stock pencilled in for review. The latter of which I’ve been lucky enough to recently shoot in 65mm format with some amazing results!
Let’s have a quick look at what happened this month at EMULSIVE.

The lowdown

At EMULSIVEwww.emulsive.org

On Twitter –  www.twitter.com/emulsivefilm

  • 163 new Followers (thanks folks!)
  • 293 tweets
  • 108 Mentions
  • 230 Favourites 

In Facebooklandwww.facebook.com/emulsivefilm

  • 138 page likes
  • 3 posts to my page
  • One billion shares (actually about 60)

Top reads

It seems that our Kodak Tri-X experimentation guide was this month’s most popular post, with our Ilford FP4+ review coming in second (it was only posted on June 29th!), and our Rollei Superpan 200 review coming in a very close third.
Reviews and articles
With all the excitement, you might have missed our Kodak E100VS review and experimentation guide, as well as our Provia 100F review, so give them a shot, or jump to the review page for even more.

In future, we’ll be aiming to release film reviews and experimentation guides within a few days of each other. Fingers crossed.

Oh, if you’ve got the time, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the Photographer’s day pack part 1.
EMULSIVE daily photo
You probably got used to the daily images by now and we’ve archived all of June’s photos right here for perpetuity.  We’re looking into a better way of displaying the images in future, but as ever, you can request high resolution versions of these images in the comments, or by getting in touch.
Once again, thanks for making our first month such a great experience. Looking forward to seeing what July 2015 brings!


~ EM

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