FP4 Party – Shoot week #1 recap – September 5-11 2016

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The first #FP4Party shoot week is done!
What better way to celebrate it than collecting a few of the most shared and commented posts on Twitter and showing them off in one place? No better way, that’s what.
Here’s a sample of what #FP4Party-goers got up to between September 5th and 11th 2016. Apologies if you don’t see yourself here this time round, there’s always Post Week, which starts on September 19th.







Here’s a thought for you all; we currently set the first full week of the month as Shoot Week and the third as Post Week.  Would you like to see week two as “Dev Week”? We think it’d be a great way for you all to show us your development set-up, be it the kitchen sink, or dedicated underground lair.
Please add your thoughts below!
~ The FP4Party Braintrust (EMULSIVE, Diz, Ribnar and Michael Bitaxi)


Photography: Street racers – Shot on ILFORD FP4 PLUS at EI 800 (35mm format)

Photography: What is it? – Eastman Double-X 5222 (35mm)


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