When the #FP4Party team assembled in Feb 2021, it was the first time we’d spoken as a group since May 20th, 2020. I didn’t think about that until we landed on the date for Day 1 of “post week”, the date when the party would be kicking off for real: April 19th 2021.

We had tentatively planned a June 2020 event but as you might imagine, that fell by the wayside. To say that 2020 was a challenging year is an understatement. I’m struggling to fully express my own feelings and experiences and as of this moment, have spent the best part of the past 90 minutes writing and rewriting 3 paragraphs of text that now exist between only me and this text editor.

As with 2020’s event, we hadn’t — well, I hadn’t — really thought about a world without FP4Party until it was brought up on Twitter and I was (thank you) slapped into a moment of lucid thought.

Thank you, Monika. I haven’t been in touch half as much as I should have and a quarter of what you deserve 🙏

I love doing the film parties, however, FP4Party was the first and greatest in my humble opinion, so it was the most fitting to bring back. Thanks to Monika and Allysse for giving me a much-needed kick up the backside, dusting off the FP4 Party Twitter DM, and thanks to the incumbent members of our little clique — Diz and Sandeep — getting things off to a roaring start.

April 2021’s event saw a little under 700 entries with somewhere in the region of 900 individual images posted over the course of April 19th-24th. While shy of 2020’s March event, the Twitter account was literally on fire for a time, as Sandeep performed the valiant task of being ring leader to all you beloved circus clowns who put on a show worthy of remembering for a long time to come (I include myself in that statement, ☺️)

The quality of output was ridiculously high, making this event one of only a few where, in deep frustration at not being able to make daily shortlists of three photos, we’ve upped the limit to 4.

As is the norm with these “Best Of” posts, there’s an embedded form at the foot of the page, which we’d like you to use to place a single vote for your favourite of the 28 images presented here – click/tap to view fullscreen

Over to you,

~ EM, Diz, Sandeep, and Allysse

Day 1: April 19th 2021

Historically one of the busiest days due to everyone wanting to get their posts in, this year we spent a bit more time on discussing the benefits of a slow and steady race.

There were just over 60 posts, which felt busy but manageable. Excellent, we thought. A measured and reasonable result.

Day 2: April 20th 2021

People are impatient by nature and one day of holding off seems to have been all most of you could muster. Day 2 saw over TWICE the number of posts made, about one every 5 minutes — less if you factor in the number of images being posted across them all.

Day 3: April 21st 2021

Day 3 returned to the more sedate pace of Monday, lulling us into a false sense of security. Note the serial offender below 😉

Day 4: April 22nd 2021

Day 4 was much the same as Day 1 and 3 — maybe 15-20% higher. Generally the week tapers off at this point and we’re into a nice comfortable slide into the weekend…

Above: Nominated for image #1

Day 5: April 23rd 2021

…but we were wrong Day 5 (Friday) had us back up to the 130 post mark with many, many more photos to cover from the multi-photo posts.

Above: Nominated for image #2

Day 6: April 24th 2021

Saturday should have been quiet but with working life disrupted and everyone shooting FP4 PLUS it seems, we ended up with a little shy of 100 posts through the day

Above: Nominated for image #1

Above: Nominated for image #3

Day 7: April 25th 2021

SUNDAY IS TRADITIONALLY A DAY OF REST…but not for you, no. Our second highest single post day, Sunday was back up at the 130 mark and arguably had the most posts with multiple photos.

By the end of this week, the community had been posting to FP4 Party at a rate of about 1 post every 15 minutes for the entire week – about 1 photo every 10 minutes, if you want to get into more detail there.

We were spent.

Voting time

Over to you. As usual, the voting form is below. Please place your vote for the strongest of the 28 shortlisted images above, taking care to check out the specific images noted in multi-photo posts.

Voting will be open for a week until Midnight PST on Sunday, June 6th. Once you’ve votes have been collated, I’ll be in touch with the community-voted winner and let you all know in a follow-up article around mid-June!

~ EM

Voting form

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