The community-voted winner of January 2018’s #FP4party is here and we have a clear winner and two runners-up. I don’t want to prattle on as usual, so let’s get straight into it.



3rd place

fro-mo‏ – @fromotography

shadow of youth, granada 02/01/2017.

camera: #leica M3
lens: #canon LTM 50mm f/1.8
film: Ilford FP4 Plus in Ilfosol 3

#fp4party #filmphotography #photography

2018-01-15 - fro-mo
2018-01-15 – fro-mo




2nd place

calor_gas_terry‏ – @calor_gas_terry

Day1 #FP4Party, steel spiral staircase leading down to the vault at the Millennium Seed Bank at Wakehurst Place. OM2n 50f1.4, LC20 1+19

2018-01-15 - calor_gas_terry‏
2018-01-15 – calor_gas_terry‏



1st place

Sandy Phimester‏ – @SandyPhimester

Emily on @ILFORDPhoto 4×5 format FP4+

@FP4Party simply one of my favourite films of all time #fp4party

2018-01-18 - Sandy Phimester
2018-01-18 – Sandy Phimester

Here’s a little about the image from Sandy himself:

This was shot on my Speed Graphic with Kodak Aero Ektar lens. FP4+ at box speed. The model’s name we will say is Reau and the location is a beautiful old heritage house here in the city – 100+ years old, in Edmonton, Alberta.

Black and white is preferred for me in most cases, as I find it a little less distracting, just a personal thing I have in mind. If the lighting is going to be stronger, and lends itself to deeper contrast – AND I can shoot with slower film, then I always choose FP4+. It’s one of my all time favorite films in any format, but especially large format.

The rich, deep blacks and overall look of skin tones are what I find most pleasing, I just love the classic look of the film. For me it’s perfect.

As for the lens, it’s my favorite. All time. There’s a dreamy quality to how it renders a scene, it’s sharp enough wide open and has a very special look to the blurred out portion of the photo. That, combined with its extremely narrow depth of field make for a challenging but rewarding experience.

Working slowly, and carefully with large format and such a unique lens has really made my recent experiences with photography feel more…deliberate.

Before any photo is taken I spend the majority of my time looking through the back of the camera, evaluating the scene, light and overall composition. Once it comes to working with someone in the photo, I try to take my time and make sure what I’m doing is what I had in mind, or what I’ve set out to do. It’s often that I find myself spending ten minutes on a shot and then scrap the entire thing and move on to the next scene.

As ever a massive thanks to everyone for taking part! At the time of writing the shortlist for February’s final FP4party of 2018 is in progress and for the record, we’ll be taking a break for parties in March and back in April with something a little more…colourful.




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