Here we are with the best of #FP4party January 2018 and it’s time for you to place your votes on your favourite of the 28 shortlisted entries below.

January saw a strong start to 2018’s roster of film parties. We saw nearly 650 entries over the course of shoot week. An amazing turn out. Absolutely amazing. Thank you all for taking part!

Place your votes for your favourite from the shortlist below using the form at the foot of the page. Voting is open until next Wednesday February 14th – Valentine’s Day, aww…

Over to you!




January 15th 2018

calor_gas_terry‏ – @calor_gas_terry

Day1 #FP4Party, steel spiral staircase leading down to the vault at the Millennium Seed Bank at Wakehurst Place. OM2n 50f1.4, LC20 1+19

2018-01-15 - calor_gas_terry‏
2018-01-15 – calor_gas_terry‏



Maite Pons‏ – @PonsMaite

@FP4Party Day 1: Golden Gate #believeinfilm #fp4party #goldengatebridge #SanFrancisco

2018-01-15 - Maite Pons‏
2018-01-15 – Maite Pons‏



Shawn Miller‏ – @s_miller_photo

#FP4Party Day 1: Roots and Scars. Shot on @Intrepidcamera 4×5, dev’d D76 1:1. #believeinfilm @FP4Party @ILFORDPhoto

2018-01-15 - Shawn Miller
2018-01-15 – Shawn Miller



fro-mo‏ – @fromotography

shadow of youth, granada 02/01/2017.

camera: #leica M3
lens: #canon LTM 50mm f/1.8
film: Ilford FP4 Plus in Ilfosol 3

#fp4party #filmphotography #photography

2018-01-15 - fro-mo
2018-01-15 – fro-mo




January 16th 2018

Tim…..‏ – @timdobbsphoto

Entry No.4 for #fp4party “Man versus Nature” .. Nikon F100, 50mm f1.4 on FP4+@ 200 dev in ilfotec HC @ILFORDPhoto #believeinfilm #filmsnotdead #shootfilmbenice

2018-01-16 - Tim Dobbs
2018-01-16 – Tim Dobbs



Matt P.‏ – @mparry1234

“25”. Day 2 of the #fp4party @FP4Party #ilfordphoto gw690ii #510pyro

2018-01-16 - Matt Parry
2018-01-16 – Matt Parry



Ashley B Williams‏ – @Grumpyfck

Day 2 @FP4Party
Burrator Dam
Bronica s2a
#fp4party #believeinfilm

2018-01-16 - Ashley B Williams
2018-01-16 – Ashley B Williams



Rachel Brehm‏ – @incasino_out

#FP4Party #filmphotography #BelieveInFilm #filmisnotdead @FP4Party

2018-01-16 - Rachel Brehm
2018-01-16 – Rachel Brehm




17th January 2018

Lorraine Healy‏ – @LoreHealy

#believeinfilm #fp4party day 3 📷Oly OM2 50mm f1.8 lens🎞fp4@box From the Tokitae ferry, Mukilteo, WA

2018-01-17 - Lorraine Healy
2018-01-17 – Lorraine Healy



Claudio Gomboli‏ – @gomboli

@FP4Party day 3
Nikon F3 / 50mm / IlFord FP4
#fp4party #filmphotography

2018-01-17 - Claudio Gomboli
2018-01-17 – Claudio Gomboli



Rachel Brehm‏ – @incasino_out

#FP4Party #BelieveInFilm #filmphotography #filmisnotdead #120film @FP4Party

2018-01-17 - Rachel Brehm
2018-01-17 – Rachel Brehm



Ian Bartlett‏ – @ibartlett13_ian

Another from #fp4party shoot day 7. Further along the track in the previous post, which is, in fact, a disused railway line opened in 1861 and closed in 1929. This is a ruined ‘office’ type building beside the track bed.
#olympus #OM1n #heritage

2018-01-17 - Ian Bartlett
2018-01-17 – Ian Bartlett




18th December 2018

that ordinal person‏ – @ordinal

More #fp4party, day 4, shot 4: twisty tower, moving

well, me moving anyway, taking multiple exposures

#lca120 #filmphotography

2018-01-18 - That Ordinal Person
2018-01-18 – That Ordinal Person



Dustin Veitch‏ – @FaultyFlipFlap

Day 4

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Hasselblad 500CM
Ilford FP4 + Red filter
HC110 semi-stand

#FP4Party @FP4Party

2018-01-18 - Dustin Veitch
2018-01-18 – Dustin Veitch



Phil Hall‏ – @phall715

#fp4party Day 4. Winter Morning at Trout Lake. #ilfordphoto #blackandwhitephotography #believeinfilm #Olympus OM-1 – Zuiko 50mm/1.4 – FP4 @ 125 – Microphen

2018-01-18 - Phil Hall
2018-01-18 – Phil Hall



Sandy Phimester‏ – @SandyPhimester

Emily on @ILFORDPhoto 4×5 format FP4+

@FP4Party simply one of my favourite films of all time #fp4party

2018-01-18 - Sandy Phimester
2018-01-18 – Sandy Phimester




19th January 2018

Ais/Chuahiock‏ – @aisbaby

It’s @FP4Party DAY 5 for me!! a dried up skeletal leaf 🍂 #fp4party #Believeinfilm

2018-01-19 - Aislinn Chuahiock
2018-01-19 – Aislinn Chuahiock



Sarah‏ – @flameforcefive

A pinhole from the beach at Hastings with my Vemeer 4×5 for #fp4party I think it must be day 5 and it’s definitely my first visit to the party 😀🍾🎉🍾🎉😀

2018-01-19 - Sarah
2018-01-19 – Sarah



Joe Cunningham‏ – @JoeCCunningham

Snow turns to fog. #FP4Party day 5 #YashicaMat Diafine 4+4.

2018-01-19 - Joe Cunningham
2018-01-19 – Joe Cunningham



Victoria J Hart‏ – @vickyjphotos

Happy #fp4party Friday! Yosemite, CA. Yashica D/ FP4.

20th January 2018

2018-01-19 - Victoria J Hart
2018-01-19 – Victoria J Hart




20th January 2018

A.J‏ – @bearded_fotog

Am I too late to the party? #fp4party #ilford #heyfsc Shot in White Sands earlier this month. Mamiya 645af @ILFORDPhoto FP4 @EMULSIVEfilm #shootfilm #embracelife

2018-01-19 - AJ
2018-01-19 – AJ



Stig‏ – @Stig_Ofthedump

Day 6, Leica R5 @ILFORDPhoto #FP4Party #WestKirby January 2018, @FP4Party #believeinfilm #shootfilmbenice

2018-01-20 - Stig Starr
2018-01-20 – Stig Starr



Michael D. Dunn‏ – @MDDunnPhoto

Day 6 #fp4party Darrion. The Pentax got some work as well @FP4Party #believeinfilm

2018-01-20 - MD Dunn
2018-01-20 – MD Dunn



Victoria J Hart‏ – @vickyjphotos

Classic Yosemite Valley on the Yashica D for the #FP4Party #BelieveinFilm

2018-01-20 - Victoria J Hart
2018-01-20 – Victoria J Hart



21 January 2018

Neil T‏ – @funkyuk

#fp4party Day 7 Shot2
Nikon F80 / 60mm 2.8 macro / Ilfosol3 #believeinfilm #ilfordfilm #shootfilmbenice #filmisnotdead

2018-01-21 - Neil T
2018-01-21 – Neil T



Victoria J Hart‏ – @vickyjphotos

Remnants of the Rim Fire on a misty day near Foresta, CA (outside Yosemite) with the Yashica D #Fp4party #believeinfilm

2018-01-21 - Victoria J Hart
2018-01-21 – Victoria J Hart



Brian‏ – @McIntosh141

On the Edge, #fp4party, day 7, Hasselblad 503CX, 80mm planar

2018-01-21 - Brian
2018-01-21 – Brian



Chris Rusbridge‏ – @carusb

And one final #fp4party entry for luck. John O’Gaunt’s Range in #KenilworthCastle. Pentax MX, Vivitar 35-70, XTOL. I think if there’s another FP4Party I’ll have run out of subjects!

2018-01-21 - Chris Rusbridge‏
2018-01-21 – Chris Rusbridge‏



It’s going to be tough, right? Right. Good luck and in case you’re wondering, the cover photo if from October 2016’s FP4party community winner, Ady Kerry.

Here’s the form and please remember to get your votes in by Valentine’s Day!





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