Greetings from EMULSIVE HQ and welcome to the winner announcement for FP4 Party 2019 plus bonus bits! Bonus bits? Well, yes. I’ve also included a very belated winner announcement for January 2018 and an apology.

Before all that, let’s start the countdown. Your votes led to our most cluttered top three of the ten or so events we’ve run since 2016. In short, we’re left with a two-way tie for third place, a three-way tie for second place and a two-way tie for first place – seven photographers making three spots. It really is a testament to the quality of last months entries and gives Diz, Michael and myself behind the scenes a little comfort knowing that we weren’t the only ones having a hard time deciding!

Here we go:

3rd place (two-way tie)

23rd January 2019: k e v – @kev_droid


25th January 2019: Laura Cofrin – @ValhallArts

Only one entry for the #FP4Party #ilfordfilm @ILFORDPhoto @FP4Party #4×5 #sheetfilm #ilfordphoto #ilford #Downtown #FortCollins #Colorado 10 sec exposure, Graphex Crown Graphic f4.7 🧪 Dektol 1:1 11mins #longexposure #vintage #camera #contemporaryartist

2nd place (three-way tie)

24th January 2019: Carlos Seeya – @seeya_chem

An evening walk #LowerLonsdale #NorthVan
Bronica sqa using #FP4Party developed with @ILFORDPhoto 1+4 for 10 min….

24th January 2019: Jeremy Calow – @JeremyCalow

For Day 4 and my last day of the #FP4party. This is the last frame of my one roll shot on the 617 beastie. This has been a fun week for me and I can’t wait to see how the rest finish up!! #believeinfilm #filmisnotdead @ILFORDPhoto @FP4Party

Last Stop

Fuji GX617 | FP4+

26th January 2019: Barnaby Nutt – @BarnabyNutt

30 seconds (that view again).
📷: #CanonEOS5
🎞: @ILFORDPhoto @FP4Party
⚗️: #IlfotecHC
#believeinfilm #shootfilmbenice #analogphotography #Ireland #LandscapePhotography #FP4party

1st place (two-way tie)

22nd January 2019: Ashley B Williams – @Grumpyfck

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River Meavy making its way through the plantations.
Ihagee Duplex – 3 min exp @ f32.
@FP4Party seemed appropriate to try out this wonderful gift from @MikeBar1966 , #FP4Party #believeinfilm

From Ashley about the photo:

“Humbled! Definitely surprised, and thankful to those who voted, entered and adjudicated for another super community event. EM has asked me to scribble something so here goes!

I am about to bore the shit out of you! Having received a gifted Ihagee Duplex from Mike Barnes who, knowing my love for old folders, felt I would give it a good home and use it lovingly, I thought it fitting to give it a run out.

Loaded and kitted out with hood, filters and excused chore duties I set off for Dartmoor. I was met with dark windy conditions, not ideal but with a positive stride, I took the more shelter path through the pine plantations surrounding Burrator reservoir. As the light started to tip over a cliff I arrived at the river Meavy and spotted the fallen tree. I set up low out of the wind, metering shadows and highlights, scribbling in my notebook. An adjusted exposure of 3 minutes at f/32 with no filter was decided. Highlights predicted N+2 for development but I adjusted that to N+1 expecting the long exposure would increase the highlights in the white water. Thankfully that covered others one the roll so it worked out well.

Little if anything needed adjusting post-scan and it has printed well in the darkroom to back that up. I will say that branch movement top right irks me more than a little but it is what it is. That’s how I made the photograph, now you know what a boring old fart I am, spending more time scribbling notes and doing math than actual photography.”

22nd January 2019: Barnaby Nutt – @BarnabyNutt

Sign here.
📷: #MamiyaC330
🎞: @ILFORDPhoto @FP4Party
⚗️: #IlfotecHC
#believeinfilm #shootfilmbenice #analogphotography #landscapephotography #Ireland

From Barnaby about the photo:

“Firstly, thanks to everyone that took part and voted. The standard of work produced and shared during January’s FP4Party was fantastic and I was very pleased to have made the shortlist, even if it wasn’t the entry that I expected to do well.

This picture was taken on Doolin Pier, about an hour from us in County Clare, Ireland. I was there on New Year’s Day with my family and noticed that the unused, sea-front car park and the concrete jetty had what appeared to be newly-installed LED streetlamps. Single lights like these are a favourite photographic subject of mine and so I planned a return during January’s shootweek. I thought that the results might also be useful for the ‘Not-Ambient’ collaboration that I’m working on with Sunny16 Ade and a few other Twitter buddies.

Before travelling up, I made a couple of calls to local businesses, including the coastguard station, to make sure that these lights were on in the evenings as I planned to bunk off work early and travel up to photograph them at and just after sunset.

When I arrived, I wandered around the empty car park as I waited for it to get dark enough for a long exposure of the jetty and as I did so, I began to see more potential shots. The car park is exposed to the full force of the Atlantic and during winter months and has the signs removed and payment machines wrapped up, to stop them being destroyed by rocks thrown about by the crashing waves.

The LEDs gave clear, white light, with a rapid fall-off to the blackness beyond – perfect for the look I enjoy. I like to play with the viewer’s natural wariness of the darkness beyond the man-made reassurance of artificial light, and believe that in pictures like these, the black areas are just as important as those with detail.

As usual, I under-exposed by a couple of stops and used the Reciprocity Timer app to account for the ~15 second exposure (making the final exposure almost a minute). I held down the tripod to steady it against the wind and closed the waist-level finder (I was using a Mamiya C330f) to stop the whistling, before pressing the cable release. A minute later I had the pictures, but no feeling in my finger-tips!

I’ve been shooting stuff like this for a few years, but originally on Neopan Acros. It was a favourite at night as it didn’t suffer reciprocity for anything upto a couple of minutes. Now that I’m down to my last 20-odd rolls of Fuji’s finest, I’ve been auditioning replacements and have now pretty much settled on FP4+. With a decent routine to calculate the exposure increase, the results are just as good as the Fujifilm, with nice blacks and plenty of shades of grey.

I’ve always used Ilford chemicals too and would expect that the FP4+/Ilfotec HC combo will be my ‘go to’ for the foreseeable…

Anyway, thanks again for the votes.”

We’re not done: February 2018’s results and an apology

Doing this (EMULSIVE) pretty much on my own means that sometimes things slip, even with the best of intentions. One of those things was last January’s winner announcement. All good things come to those who wait, so I’d like to extend a congratultory hand to Lorraine Healy, who picked up nearly a quarter of the total votes with this photo:

22nd January 2019: Lorraine Healy – @LoreHealy

#believeinfilm #fp4party #february terraPin OSKAR 6×9 ferry to Seattle. My friend, photographer Skip Smith, kindly stood still for a 3 sec exposure

Here’s what Lorraine has to say about it:

This was taken on a cold February morning last year, during the second #fp4party I participated in. I was on a photo trip to “town” with my friends Skip Smith and Sharon Shoemaker and I was showing off my new Terrapin Oskar 6×9 that Todd Schlemmer had made and sent me a few days before.

We got on the ferry to Seattle and Skip got out of his car to see what I was doing. I told him he would probably be in the shot and he very kindly stood still for the 3 second exposure. The camera was standing vertically against the sill of the ferry’s “window” (there’s no glass, just an opening). Developed by the Old School Film Lab in Dover, N.H.

…that apology

It was bought to my attention that two very special photos didn’t make the cut for the shortlist. This surprised me and as I hadn’t recalled seeing them on the main listing, the panel and I set about doing some sleuthing. It turns out that due we’d discounted one for being outside of the post week window but on further investigation, Twitter’s timestamps (which are usually relative to the location your are browsing from) were out by -12 hours. The net result was to give us the impression that the image had been posted before the official start of counting, even though it had been posted a minute into it.

The second image was somehow missed by the three of us as we were working down the shortlist. We’ve tightened up the way we’re tracking, counting and working through the entries from here on in so David Allen, I’m sorry. We cocked up.

Here are David’s images, “Special Gunpowder”. I think you’ll agree that they’re both shortlist worthy and I’ll be sharing more details about the process David used to capture them in a couple of weeks.

That’s all for now. We’ll be back with the shortlist for the (currently ongoing) Feb 2018 FP4 Party post week at the beginning of March and don’t forget that the third and final FP4P of 2019 starts on Monday March 4th 2019.

That said…anyone for a summer month one-off FP4P? Let me know in the comments below.

~ EM

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  1. Can I suggest that FP4+, being a slow to medium speed film, might be best shot outside the main northern hemisphere winter months? So maybe have the 3 months in spring or autumn… Then you could have a HP5Party in winter!

    I’ll also comment that I’m trying to interest some other folk in the last round, and they’re having difficulty finding the “rules”. I found a post back in 2016, but could they be re-posted each year? Otherwise, it’s a bit of an “in-crowd” game…

    All that said, thanks very much for running this.