It’s with both joy and sadness that we announce the winner of December 2016’s #FP4 Party.

We said that judging November was tough. Well, it seems that someone heard and decided to make December’s event even harder. 320 of you submitted images over the course of post week via the #FP4Party hashtag on Twitter.

As with November’s party, once post week came to a close, the judges and I spent over a week deliberating our choices, trying to whittle the final shortlist down to just three submissions for each day.

It didn’t work, so we extended the shortlist to four per day, the 28 in total you saw in the “best of” article last week.

As with November, we had to be brutally decisive in some cases and it’s led myself and the #FP4 Party to reassess how we’ll be judging and categorising future #FP4 Party and other film related events.

Before addressing the “future” bit above, let’s move to announce the winner of December’s Party.

We received a total of 147 votes over the course of the past week – 146 via the voting form at the bottom of the article and one in the comments. The winner walked away with 32% of the votes, starting off with a clear lead and continuing it through the seven days of voting.



The FP4 Party December 2016 winner is…

Rui De Silva.

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Congratulations! Here’s Rui’s winning entry and a little detail from the man himself on how the shot came together.

Over to you, Rui.

FP4 Party December 2016 Winner - Rui De Silva
FP4 Party December 2016 Winner – Rui De Silva

This is from my first roll of FP4+. It has only been a year since I bought my first analog camera, a Yashica Electro 35 GTN (the one I used for this shot), and I’ve been trying different films since then.

I decided to buy a roll of FP4+ to see what kind of results I could achieve and I was amazed with the photos it produced.

About this particular image: I had a few shots left before the end of the roll, it was late in the afternoon and I was drinking a coffee with Lana. I asked her if it was ok to take some pictures of her outside and this image is one of them.

Congratulations again to Rui, and a massive thanks to you all again for taking the time to shoot and post your FP4+ results. It really was tough to shortlist so many amazing images!

There will be a final epilogue article coming for#FP4 Party in a few weeks (I did say there was more coming, didn’t I?). We’ll also be talking about plans moving forward for #FP4 Party, as well as other film-themed events in the very near future – Kodak TMAX and ILFORD Delta will be shaking themselves off over the coming months, so stay tuned.

Before I sign out I also want to send out a massive thanks to both Shawn Mozmode and Diz for their help in seeding, organizing and judging 2016’s #FP4 Parties. It’s been a crazy few months and there’s no way it would have happened without them.

An extra special thank you is in order for Shawn because (as you may or may not know), he’s been acting as the ringleader on the #FP4 Party Twitter account since October. It’s been the perfect example of what happens when you give the inmates the keys to the asylum – I love it.

Keep shooting, folks!




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