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Shoot week of the final FP4 Party of 2016 has just wrapped and I expect you’re all hunched over your darkroom gear trying to coax an image from your rolls. Well, If I could tear you away for a few minutes, I’ve got a little announcement to make: the winner of November’s FP4 Party.

Before naming this month’s winner, I’d like to reiterate once more how difficult it was to make the shortlist you all voted on this month.

We collected 211 submissions over the course of post week via the #FP4Party hashtag on Twitter. Once post week came to a close, we spent over a week deliberating our choices, trying to whittle the final shortlist down to just three submissions for each day; the 21 you saw on the “best of” article last week.

As is to be expected from a group shortlisting, we had our own thoughts as to which images from the shortlist should make the cut, as well as which images we each thought might be selected by you as the winner.

The final result was nothing less than brutally decisive.

We received a total 0f 105 votes over the course of the past week – 101 via the voting form at the bottom of the article and four in the comments. The winner walked away with 43 votes, bringing their total equal to that of the rest of the top ten combined.

I did say it was decisive. So…



The FP4 Party November 2016 winner is…

Maite Pons.

Congratulations! Here’s Maite’s winning entry and a little from the lady herself on how the shot came together.

Over to you, Maite.

World Trade Center Oculus - New York City. Shot on: 120 Ilford FP4 125, Pentax 67ii, Pentax 67 SMC 90mm f2.8 lens
World Trade Center Oculus – New York City 120 Ilford FP4+ 125 Pentax 67ii Pentax 67 SMC 90mm f2.8 lens

“I never shoot black and white. EVER. I prefer the nuances of color and I shoot it basically because it’s the way I see the world.

However, I was intrigued by this FP4 Party and a few of my Twitter friends had insisted that I try it out. So, in spite of my strong resistance, I gave in to peer pressure and bought a roll. And I took it to NYC with me the weekend my husband was going to run the NYC marathon.

It was the first roll I shot, eager to get it over with and start using my color film. When I was done, though, I sort of wished I had bought some more: the buildings, the people on the street, the action… it all felt so fitting for b&w! Coincidently, I walked by that big photography store (which we all know is right smack in the middle of Manhattan) but it was closed for Sabbath, so I was extremely bummed.

I would have bought more FP4, I admit it.

The day I shot this image, we had walked into the new train station at the new World Trade Center, a building designed by the Spanish architect Calatrava, and I was immediately taken aback with the sense of space and light. And all the buzz! Frankly, I was in awe.

When I looked up, I discovered the balconies, where people can admire the hustle below and the perfectly designed ceiling – I knew I had to take that shot. The symmetry was difficult to balance and I also knew I needed to capture the negative space around the people, so we could all get a sense of how tiny we are inside the oculus. Sort of like a metaphor of the world around us, I suppose.

And that’s the story of the shot. You’re probably wondering if I bought more FP4. You’ll find out in a few weeks!”

Congratulations again to Maite, and a massive thanks to you all again for taking the time to shoot and post your FP4+ results. It really was tough to shortlist so many amazing images!

There’s one more party left for 2016 and we’re hoping this one’s going to be bigger than ever.

We’ve also got a little something special planned for after December’s event. For the moment, our lips are sealed but more will be revealed as we get closer to the time!

Wishing you all the best of luck during post week for December – 19th to 25th!




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