Welcome to the best of 2018’s final #FP4party and the post week that was February 19th to 25th! Post week saw 283 entries counted over on Twitter. From those votes, the FP4party panel shortlisted three per day; a total of 21.

And here they are. As usual, there’s a form at the foot of this page for you to place a single vote for your favourite of the week.

Over to you!


February 19th

Ray R – @rohnerraphi

My first participation on @FP4Party – i dreamed a lot about getting a #Mamiya 7 – some days ago I got one. And the first roll was a #FP4+ @VisitBodensee #FP4party @EMULSIVEfilm #filmphotography

The Queen.

2018-02-19 - Ray R
2018-02-19 – Ray R



José Cunningham Vásquez – @JoeCCunningham

Day 1 #FP4Party Nikon FE, Nikkor 85mm/1.4 AI-S, off-camera flash to camera right, bouncing off ceiling. self-timer. #Goofy #Selfie

2018-02-19 - Joe Cunningham
2018-02-19 – Joe Cunningham



Captain Badbeard – @captainbadbeard

#FP4Party Day 1 – Misty Mountains
📷: Fuji GW690iii
🎞: @ILFORDPhoto #fp4plus

2018-02-19 - Captain Badbeard
2018-02-19 – Captain Badbeard




February 20th

Alejandro Mondragón – @eldocmondragon

Got it! #fp4 #fp4party #film #believeinfilm #ishootfilm #FilmIsNotDead #filmcamera #blackandwhitephotography #analog #filmcommunity @EMULSIVEfilm @ILFORDPhoto @OldSchoolLab @FP4Party

2018-02-20 - Alejandro Mondragón
2018-02-20 – Alejandro Mondragón



Captain Badbeard – @captainbadbeard

#FP4Party Day 2 – Beneath The Inversion: Frost Takes Hold – 2
📷: Fuji GW690iii
🎞: @ILFORDPhoto #fp4plus
#believeinfilm #buyfilmnotmegapixels

2018-02-20 - Captain Badbeard
2018-02-20 – Captain Badbeard



Davey Boyle – @davey_boyle

Day 2 @FP4Party hasselblad 500cm with fp4 at EI400 semi stand in ddx #fp4party #BelieveInFilm

2018-02-20 - Davey Boyle
2018-02-20 – Davey Boyle




February 21st

Thomas Way – @tmway84

Day 3 #fp4party: Fog rolls in at the Apache Pier
Camera: Nikon F5 & 28mm f/2.8 AF-d
Film: @ILFORDPhoto FP4 #35mm 125iso & ID-11 1+1(11min)
#believeinfilm #filmphotography #photography #blackandwhite

2018-02-21 - Thomas Way
2018-02-21 – Thomas Way



Jason Self – @thisJasonSelf

Formerly obstructed view
@Fp4Party #fp4party day 3

📷: @realitysosubtle #4×5
🎞: @ILFORDPhoto #fp4plus
⚗️: Rodinal (1:100) stand

#believeinfilm #shootfilmbenice

2018-02-21 - Jason Self
2018-02-21 – Jason Self



Captain Badbeard – @captainbadbeard

#FP4Party Day 3 – Into The Clouds: Seeking The Sun
📷: Fuji GW690iii
🎞: @ILFORDPhoto #fp4plus

2018-02-21 - Captain Badbeard
2018-02-21 – Captain Badbeard




February 22nd

Takgyver – @takgyver01

Late Bus 2 #fp4party day 4, image 2. Fp4plus at 400 in Rodinal 1+24, Olympus XA

2018-02-22 - Takgyver
2018-02-22 – Takgyver



Lorraine Healy – @LoreHealy

#believeinfilm #fp4party #february terraPin OSKAR 6×9 ferry to Seattle. My friend, photographer Skip Smith, kindly stood still for a 3 sec exposure

2018-02-22 - Lorraine Healy
2018-02-22 – Lorraine Healy



Neil T – @funkyuk

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#fp4party day4. #minolta #x700 #shootfilm #blackandwhitephotography #believeinfilm http://bit.ly/2ohDohy

2018-02-22 - Neil T
2018-02-22 – Neil T




February 23rd

ThatPhotoSite 🎞 – @ThatPhotoSite

#FP4Party February 2018 No. 5

Pentacon Six TL, Arsat 3.5/30
f5.6, 1/30 sec
@ILFORDPhoto FP4+ @ EI 125

Rodinal 1+50, 12 min.

#ShootFilmBeNice #BelieveinFilm #FilmPhotography #StayBrokeShootFilm

2018-02-23 - ThatPhotoSite
2018-02-23 – ThatPhotoSite



fro-mo – @fromotography


‘dripping windows’, Bath.💧

camera: #leica M3
lens: #canon LTM 50mm f/1.4
dev: Rodinal R09


2018-02-23 - fro-mo
2018-02-23 – fro-mo



Mama Jades – @silentcar

#fp4party DAY 5
Run Away! #believeinfilm #film

Olympus OM10 135mm
@ILFORDPhoto FP4 Plus

2018-02-23 - Mama Jades
2018-02-23 – Mama Jades




February 24th

Erin Adams – @bAlfred101

Day 6: Farm #OLYMPUS OM4, 50mm F/1.8, Orange Filter, Polariser #believeinfilm #fp4party

2018-02-24 - Erin Adams
2018-02-24 – Erin Adams



Mike Barnes – @MikeBar1966

Day 6 #fp4party, 28 shots taken on a rainy, foggy day on an abandoned USAF base.
Leica M2, Summicron 50mm.

2018-02-24 - Mike Barnes
2018-02-24 – Mike Barnes



Matt P. – @mparry1234

#fp4party day 6. Slightly different framing of the brewery. #shootfilmbenice @FP4Party

2018-02-24 - Matt P
2018-02-24 – Matt P




February 25th

Jorge Carqueijo – @jorgecarqueijo

Day 7
Into the unknown
Shot with @ILFORDPhoto fp4+ 120 film @ iso 125, on the Mamiya RZ65 with the 50mm lens. Developed with Berspeed 1+1.
Tête-de-Ran, Neuchâtel, Switzerland, February 2018
@FP4Party #believeinfilm #shootfilmbenice @EMULSIVEfilm

2018-02-25 - Jorge Carqueijo
2018-02-25 – Jorge Carqueijo



Neil T – @funkyuk

#fp4party day7 #minolta #x700 #ilfosol3 red filter #filmisnotdead #shootfilm

2018-02-25 - Neil T
2018-02-25 – Neil T



Monobod – @JohnScarbro1

Day 7. 6.Closed Ride. FP 4 @ 125. @ILFORDPhoto DD-X 1-4 10min. Minolta 505si 28mm. Yellow Filter. #fp4party #believeinfilm #filmphotography My sixth and final post for this @FP4Party

2018-02-25 - Monobod
2018-02-25 – Monobod


And that’s it, it relly is over to you. You;ll have noticed that there’s been a break in the usual party schedule this month. They will be back, with a special celebration, which starts in May.

Watch this space and please make sure your vote by Wednesday Paril 4th.




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