When the #FP4Party team assembled in early 2020 to talk about the year’s events, we didn’t fully grasp how much it had been missed by those in the film photography community. Life is funny like that. You take things for granted when they’re there.

Not only was the build-up one of the funniest strangest/experiences I’ve had (photographically-speaking) over the past few years, it also reeked of potential. We knew 2020’s first FP4 Party would be big but would we reach the heady heights of September 2017’s event, which saw ~780 entries?

Yes…and then some.

March 2020’s event saw a little over 900 entries with somewhere in the region of 1200 individual images posted over the course of March 16th-22nd. In short, it was mad and when I say that putting this shortlist together was tough, you can be 100% certain that I mean it.

As is the norm with these Best Of posts, there’s an embedded form below, which we’d like you to use to place a single vote for your favourite of the 21 images presented here – click/tap to view fullscreen

Over to you,

~ EM, Diz and Sandeep

16th March 2020

David S Allen – @DBloomsday

FP4Party Day 1:

This is a negative scratched by friend and tattoo artist. I’ve been wanting to collaborate with him on this “Indelible” series for some time now, @FP4Party was a good excuse to do our first-ever test!

( 4×5 | EI 500 | Ultrafin T-Plus )

Scott Micciche – @scottmicciche

The vintage 911 Classic S, front quarter panel (black). Hasselblad 2000 fc/m / 80mm / FP4+ / XTOl 1:1 #FP4Party #keepfilmalive #believeinfilm

FollowTheGrain – @FollowTheGrain_

FP4Party Day 1 – When I wake up, I see …

Hasselblad 500 CM, Ilford Fp4 developed in Ilfosol 3 for 7:30 min (1+14) 20°C

17th March 2020

Ais/Chuahiock – @aisbaby

Day 2 of the @FP4Party! Playing with antique bottles and candles.

@ONDUpinhole Rise, 4hour exposure, processed with HC. #FP4Party #ilfordphoto #fridayfavourites #believeinfilm

Andrew Atkinson – @AndewAtkinson

Day 2 of #FP4Party and we have the Millennium Bridge @FP4Party

Alex Jevon – @ajevon

It’s a jungle out there! Or… it’s time for @FP4Party #FP4Party! So great they named it twice! More trees tomorrow.

18th March 2020

Lorraine Healy – @LoreHealy

#believeinfilm #pinhole #FP4Party 17 sec exposure of the Chetzemoka, Fort Worden, Pt. Townsend, WA. 📷terrapin6x9 🎞FP4 ei100.

Thank you all, photo content makers, for podcasts, youtubes, posts!! Love you all!

Adrian Taylor – @viewfinder_m6

Looking for Hope (Hope Valley, in the distance)

Hasselblad Xpan & FP4 #fp4party @EMULSIVEfilm #Ilford

Back East Photo – @BackEastPhoto

“Black square” #FP4party @FP4Party – Day 3

Camera: @realitysosubtle 6x6F
Filter: Red 25
Developer: DD-X

19th March 2020

Jannine Smith – @JanninesPhotos

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Blossoms and Magnolias #FP4Party @FP4Party
Shot on Canon EOS 500n with 50mm 1.8 lens (orange filter)

Henry Balen – @henry_balen

Fisheye making everything look like its shot on a GoPro now.

FP4 EI1600, HC110DilB, 19.5 mins, 21deg. #FP4Party @FP4Party

Will Gudgeon – @willgudgeon

Been a manic week but can finally get around to sharing my first shot with you from the #FP4party.

Shot with my Mamiya RB67
#filmphotography #FilmsNotDead #photography

20th March 2020

Back East Photo – @BackEastPhoto


Different take on my Black square button shot from the corner. Didn’t mean to get the sun in the frame, but I like what the photons did! Sun with face.
#FUpFriday #FP4party @FP4Party – Day 5

Camera: @realitysosubtle 6x6F
Filter: Red 25
Developer: DD-X
#believeinfilm #pinhole

Captain Badbeard – @captainbadbeard

Look Down! #FP4Party Day 5

Camera: Fuji GSW690iii
Film: Ilford FP4+
#believeinfilm #shootfilmbenice #scottmonument

Pierluigi Tolu – @pierluigi_tolu

#FP4Party Day5: The Stairs

Camera: Rollei35
Film: @ILFORDPhoto FP4+ box speed, bulk loaded
Shutter/Aperture: 1/125 f/11
Developer: Rodinal R09 (1:25) 9′
Scanner: Epson V500 Photo + EpsonScan

#FP4Party #filmisnotdead #shootfilmbenice #believeinfilm #straightfromcamera #nopp #BW

21st March 2020

Thomas Way – @tmway84

Jellyfish #FP4Party @FP4Party

Camera: Nikon F5 & 50mm
Film: @ILFORDPhoto FP4 125iso & Perceptol 1+1
Location: Fort Fisher, #NC USA

#believeinfilm #photography #filmphotography

jasonself – @thisJasonSelf

Slow collapse, #FP4Party: Day 6

Camera: Rolleiflex 2.8F
Film: @ILFORDPhoto FP4+
Exposure: EI 400 | Yellow filter
Developer: Ilfotec DD-X (1:4)


Josh Wiederin – @joshwiederin

35mm FP4+ with a red 25A filter shot in portrait mode on the Mamiya RB67. #FP4Party
Developed with HC110.

22nd March 2020

Paula Smith – @paulasmithphoto

Well, given what’s happening in the world right now, nothing would surprise me! Taken for

Camera: Rollieflex Automat
Film: FP4+ EI200
Developer: Ilfotec HC 1+31

#FP4Party #believeinfilm #ilfordphoto

Takgyver – @takgyver01

#FP4Party Day 7: Driven into the ground

Pushing 2 stops allowed hand-held exposures in the f5.6-11 range for much this party. Very useful if out of 400.

Stereo Realist format for 3D free-viewing. FP4+ at 500, HC110-H, Revere Stereo-33, twin f3.5 35mm Amaton #UndeadCameraProject

Morag Perkins – @moragperkins

Last two #FP4Party shots – I think these are my favourites from the roll:

Ilford FP4+
Canon EOS 300
Canon EF 100mm macro

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~ EM

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