Merry Christmas and good day to you all!

That time of the year is nearly upon us and festive merchandise can already be seen creeping onto the shelves of supermarkets and department stores the world over.

Whilst I don’t want to compound the depressing nature of this commercial reality, we at EMULSIVE HQ think it’s time to start getting ready by doing something a little bit different.

I will destroy you, puny human... - Fuji 500T motion picture film in 35mm format
I will destroy you, puny human…

Seeing as things have been going so well with the film swaps, a few weeks ago we got thinking about doing something a little bigger and a little bolder. After mulling around the idea for a while, we’re finally pleased to announce what our politically correct PR guy tells us is:

A multi-faith, multi-denomination, multi-national expression of love in the film photography community…which just happens to coincide with Christmas 2015.

Anyway, we fired him and decided to call it call it the EMULSIVE 2015 Secret Santa instead.

Details are all still being finalized but we’ll have something concrete for you from the beginning of September, or so. In the meantime, we’d like to invite you to register your interest by sending an email to No need to add any more information, as we’ll only be using your email to send you an early-bird notification when we’re ready to go.

Shut up and take my money

Actually, that’s not the point. Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • It’s a gift exchange where a single gifter sends a film photography care package to a single recipient.
  • Each gifter’s recipient is chosen completely by random and one gifter is matched to one recipient.
  • MINIMUM spend/value is USD10 and you may need to post your item to a foreign country.
  • There’s no upper limit but there’s no need to go crazy (unless you match us and want to send a Leica M-P…just saying).
  • You may include whatever you like in your care package as long as it works and isn’t simply trash you want to get rid of (seriously, this is really important).
  • Film would be most appreciated but you may also send cameras, accessories, books…whatever you feel the recipient might like.
  • You will need to send your package within the first two weeks of December 2015 in order to make sure that everyone has something to open on or around Christmas Day.

One lucky recipient will receive something rather special from EMULSIVE HQ and we’re also talking to some film vendors and other manufacturers about getting their support, so don’t be surprised if you get something from someone totally unexpected. Sign up for updates here:

That’s it, short and simple. More details to follow and please be assured that we won’t do anything with the information you submit other than to use it for letting you know when everything is ready.

Thanks and keep shooting, folks.

~ EM

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