These are the 31 days and 33 articles that made EMULSIVE in January 2020, starting (as always) with a list of the “top ten” as decided by you and ordered by date of publication.

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Four very different darkroom printers test ILFORD's new Multigrade RC Deluxe paper

Four very different darkroom printers test ILFORD’s new Multigrade RC Deluxe paper

ILFORD released a raft of new and updated products in late 2019, one of which was brand new Multigrade RC Deluxe paper. Called “MG V” by some in our community, I was provided a box some weeks before the official release to either test myself or give away as part of a competition/event. I decided to do something a little different: I split the box […]

Leica M4-2 and Voigtlander 50mm f/1.2 - Ryan HK

5 Frames… With Kodak VISION 500T 5279 (EI 400 / 35mm format / Leica M4-2)

I’ve shot all sorts of colour film… Actually, I quite enjoy shooting colour – but I loathe the costs usually associated with it unless you’re shooting Fujicolor C200, Kodak Gold 200, or other little consumer emulsions (which I have to say, I love Gold 200). I had yet to jump into the “cinema emulsions” realm. I really liked the look based on what I had […]

Five major film studios ink new 2020 deal to secure the future of motion pictures shot on film

Five major film studios ink new 2020 deal to secure the future of motion pictures shot on film

Coming from Kodak’s Fourth Annual Kodak Film Awards is the news that five of the six major Hollywood film studios — Disney, NBC Universal, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros — have signed new deals with Kodak guaranteeing their use of the company’s motion picture film products from 2020 for the foreseeable future. This “re-signing” follows an original agreement made in February 2015 between […]

On assignment

EMULSIVE interview #212: I am Alys Tomlinson and this is why I shoot film

Welcome to the latest EMULSIVE interview, featuring none other than Alys Tomlinson, Sony World Photography Awards, Photographer of the Year 2018. There’s a lot to unpack here, so I’ll let Alys crack on. Over to you, Alys! Hi Alys, what’s this picture, then? AT: This was the first portrait I took for my project Ex-Voto. The project explores Christian pilgrimage sites in Europe and this […]

BW pinhole photography with the Vermeer 6x12 and 120 format Kosmo Foto Mono 100

B&W pinhole photography with the Vermeer 6×12 and 120 format Kosmo Foto Mono 100

It was time to have some fun with Kosmo Foto Mono 100 while tour skiing in the Alps. This time around the Frauenalpe in Austria. The Frauenalpe used to be a ski resort but they removed the equipment. Which makes it so much better to experience nature. Going ski touring or snowshoe walking is really breathtaking in terms of the incredible views. Of course, you […]

5 Square Frames - Cropped from 35mm films - by Simon King

5 Frames… Cropped square from 35mm film

I’ve always found the limitation of image format to be fairly arbitrary, and have enjoyed using “alternative” crops (where possible) in my work. I enjoy using the Hasselblad XPan for its panoramic field of view and almost comic-book double-spread feeling, and I like the work of Fan Ho, especially the ones where he cropped down to a sliver from a much larger, usually medium format, […]

Natural bedfellows? The symbiotic relationship of Mobile and Film photography

Natural bedfellows? The symbiotic relationship of Mobile and Film photography

You may have heard: photographic film is a viable business again. Like a river fed by many smaller tributaries, there are a variety of reasons why film is lately resurgent. I would like to suggest that Mobile photography – that is, photography with mobile phones – has and will continue to play a significant role in the revival and evolution of film photography. Acting as […]

C.A.Rivera - Olympus MJU II 80

5 Frames… With Ultrafine Extreme 400 (EI 400 / 35mm format / Olympus MJU III 80)

Everyone seems to be on a point and shoot camera craze these days. Thanks to celebrities toting these small and pocketable shooters, their popularity (and price) have skyrocketed in recent years. You have the usual suspects: Contax T2/T3, distant cousin the Yashica T4/T5 super, Nikon 35/28 Ti, Ricoh GR, and the very tiny Olympus Stylus Epic (aka MJU). Anyone who’s seen the recent Robert Frank […]

Akarette II, external rangefinder and yellow filter

5 Frames… At the home of Schneider Kreuznach with ILFORD XP2 Super (EI 200 / 35mm format / Akarette II)

Having to spend some time at Bad Kreuznach, a small city in southwest Germany, where SCHNEIDER still builds – or at least sells – lenses, I decided to bring a lens home to its town of birth: the Akarette II with its Schneider Kreuznach XENAR 3.5/50, which was given birth to at the Schneider works in Bad Kreuznach. The “system” was completed by a yellow […]

Film stock review: Fujifilm FUJICHROME Velvia 50 Professional (RVP 50)

Film stock review: Fujifilm FUJICHROME Velvia 50 Professional (RVP 50)

I think there’s a pretty big misconception about shooting slide film. We’ve all heard the stories about how slide film is ridiculously hard to shoot, that if you’re off on your exposure by just a small amount that your highlights will either be blown away or everything will be a murky detail void shadow. Maybe those stories come from older film stocks that aren’t around […]

Shooting expired Kodak EKTACHROME 100 in 220 and 4x5 format: why Im excited medium and large format is coming back

Shooting expired Kodak EKTACHROME 100 in 220 and 4×5 format: why I’m excited medium and large format is coming back

After the successful resurrection of 35mm Ektachrome, Kodak announced it would also bring back 120 and large formats. Later we even found out 4×5 large format sheets were also going to be released. At the time of writing in the middle of January 2020, we are living in the twilight zone of it being–or-just-not-yet–being on the shelves to purchase. Being a huge fan of slide […]

My year on film: A 2019 retrospective or, my not-a-365-project

My year on film in 115 photos: A 2019 retrospective or, my not-a-365-project

What follows is my 2019 in film photography, a 365 photography project that was absolutely not a 365 project. In this article, I share the results from 115 of the sheets/rolls of film I shot in 2019. It boils down to over one hundred photographs taken by yours truly, all wrapped up in a couple of thousand words which may or may not make sense. […]

5 Frames With... Adox CMS 20 II (EI 6 : 35mm : Canon EOS 3) - by Rudiger Hartung

5 Frames… With Adox CMS 20 II (EI 6 / 35mm format / Canon EOS 3)

ADOX CMS 20 II is a microfilm. No other film is sharper, no other film is more fine-grained, no other film resolves more lines per mm (up to 800 l/mm). If used in pictorial photography the film achieves 20 ASA of usable speed in ADOTECH developer…thus reads the product brief from ADOX. I have tried this combination myself quite often but to me, it seems […]

Developing color negative film at room temperature: the best option that nobody uses?

Developing color negative film at room temperature: the best option that nobody uses?

In the world of home film development, black and white dominates the market. This comes much to the chagrin of many amateur photographers looking to tinker and professional photographers looking to save a little money by developing colour film at home. Resources for color film development (C-41 for negative film and E-6 for slide film) are fewer and farther between in comparison to black and […]

5 Frames With... ILFORD FP4 PLUS (EI 400 / 120 / Yashica Mat EM) - by Tyler Longfellow

5 Frames… With ILFORD FP4 PLUS (EI 400 / 120 format / Yashica-Mat EM)

I have been stuck in a rut with my film photography. I used to shoot anything and everything until I recently started working on a couple of series for my portfolio. Now I find myself being so selective with what I am shooting, that I don’t actually shoot much. So I got a Yashica Mat EM as an everyday carry camera and tried a film […]

Me with my Meopta Flexaret II, photo by Tim Green

EMULSIVE interview #211: I am Graham Spinks and this is why I shoot film

Greetings and welcome to this week’s fresh EMULSIVE interview – number 211 to be specific. I have great pleasure in introducing you to the words and work of erstwhile philosopher, Graham Spinks. It’s over to you, Graham. Hi Graham, what’s this picture, then? GS: This photo was taken at the National Trust’s Canons Ashby earlier this year with my Zorki 4. I was with my talented […]

Billingham AVEA 7 和 AVEA 8 侧口袋好用吗?

Billingham AVEA 7 和 AVEA 8 侧口袋好用吗?

我使用 AVEA 7 和 AVEA 8 已经年,它们一直挂在我 Billingham 包两侧。对于 大部分人来说,AVEA 系列侧袋是一种固定在 Billingham Hadley、S、f/stop 等 系列相机包上的侧包。

James Harris - Nikon F2 and Nikkor-S 50mm f/1.4

5 Frames… With Silberra U400 (EI 1600 / 35mm format / Nikon F2)

As part of my EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2019 present, I got a roll of Silberra U400. Well, this is different, I thought. I had used Silberra film before (their Pan 160 looks very nice, if you’re interested) but not the U400, so I was intrigued. In case you don’t know, Silberra is a Russian company based in St. Petersburg who first started making chemicals a […]

Canon 7 and Canon 35mm f:2 LTM - Alexandr Luknedrug

5 Frames… With Kentmere 400 (EI 400 / 35mm format / Canon 7)

At the beginning of my experiments with black and white film, I tried almost all modern (and available) films from different manufacturers. It was great fun to try different combinations of films and developers, a lot of experience but over the time I became to realize that if you want to have a stable result, you should concentrate on one film and one developer. Work […]

Travelogue: A Glimpse of Helsinki by Christian Strauf

Travelogue: A Glimpse of Helsinki

Call me old-fashioned but I appreciate looking at a body of work in exhibitions or in traditional coffee table books. I like the way images and texts are presented in a context. When I shot a series of photos of Helsinki I was looking for a suitable format to present them. I decided to publish them as a zine that is free to download and […]

Cover: Film Review - The magic of TMZ... Kodak T-MAX P3200

Film review: The magic of TMZ – Kodak T-MAX P3200

Have you ever wondered if magic is real or not? Well, I can tell you that it is, and somehow, Kodak has managed to harness that magic and stuff it into a small film canister for me to bewilder over. I have absolutely no idea how they did this but I’m so happy they did. Kodak T-MAX P3200, this versatile, high speed, panchromatic black and white film […]

Book: A place to be - by Tim Heubeck

Book: Tim Heubeck’s “A place to be”

My name is Tim Heubeck and I am a photographer based in Germany. I run a website and Instagram channel; all under the name of wasteoffilm (links at the foot of this article). Photography, for me, is less about what the things we are familiar with look like and more about everything that lays under the surface; everything we cannot express and fail to see […]

Yashica-mat 124 - Victor Marcinschi

5 Frames… With Fujifilm Superia 100 (EI 100 / 120 format / Yashica-mat 124)

I was loading film in my Hasselblad on a street bench in Prague when an old man approached me. He used to be a professional photographer back in the day, and he was curious about my camera. Coincidentally, his freezer had died a few days before, and there were some 120 rolls that he was happy to give away, hoping that they might catch some […]

Embracing winter conditions in my film photography workflow

Embracing winter conditions in my film photography workflow

Winter 2018 was when I really buckled down and took black and white photography seriously, as a response to a few uninspiring grey-feeling colour rolls. I wanted to take command of that grey aesthetic, and quickly went through pushed ILFORD XP2 Super, Delta 3200 Professional, Delta 400 Professional, and even some SFX 200, looking to see which I could adapt into my visual style. This […]

#5FramesWith... Kodak Portra 400 (35mm / EI 400 / Konica Hexar RF) - by Trinh Le

5 Frames… With Kodak Portra 400 (EI 400 / 35mm format / Konica Hexar RF)

These photos were shot on my last trip to Japan during the cherry blossom season. Japan held a special place in my heart and I have always wanted to capture its beauty on film, especially since acquiring the Konica Hexar RF months ago in mint condition. Previously I have shot Kodak Portra 400 alongside with another digital camera of mine; however, this trip was shot […]

Where to from here?

Where to from here?

We (almost) all put ourselves on display via the many and varied social platforms with our photography, writings, podcasts and whatever else. We do this in the hope of gaining an audience that understands and appreciates our work and when it happens, it feels incredibly great… …but social platforms have all started to implement algorithms in hopes of prioritizing our content based on relevance rather […]

5 Frames With... ILFORD Delta 100 Professional (35mm / EI 100 / Canon A-1) - by Josh Knowles

5 Frames… With ILFORD Delta 100 Professional (EI 100 / 35mm format / Canon A-1)

This young lady’s mother asked me several months back about shooting graduation photos. Despite not being a pro by any stretch of the word, I was confident that Olivia’s natural beauty would make up for some of my inexperience and that I already knew her well enough that we’d at least have fun shooting! We did formals and casuals in both B&W and colour as […]

Carlos Lopez Medrano - Self, Hasselblad 2003FCW, ILFORD FP4 PLUS

EMULSIVE interview #210: I am Carlos Lopez Medrano and this is why I shoot film

Welcome to 2020 here on EMULSIVE! I hope you all had a peaceful ringing in of the new year. For my part, I was in bed ten minutes after the fireworks finished. I’m pleased to be able to kick off the year off with my first film photographer interview of 2020: number 210 to be exact. Say hello to Carlos Lopez Medrano. Over to you, […]

Episode 08: For your ears only

The Hypersensitive Podcast Episode 08.1: Motivation, stopping -ISM and powering the Matrix

Update: The sped-up version has been taken down 😉 Update: Approximately 0.5% of all listeners hated the “commute optimised” version of episode 8. It’s still up there for the enlightened but as a fallback, you can also get the “unoptimised” episode 8.1 as your own risk (link below). It had been four months since we last recorded. During those 120 days, the UK saw three […]

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