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August 2020’s Reader Top 10

The Leica M3- 5 reasons why it's the greatest camera ever The Leica M3: 5 reasons why it’s the greatest camera ever August 2, 2020 Posted in: Featured, Film camera Reviews, Leica Film Camera Reviews, Reviews - The Leica M3 doesn’t do anything that another camera can’t. In fact, by today’s standards, it is severely lacking in features that are normally considered standard. No light meter. No hot shoe. No autofocus. No automatic exposure. Limited frame line selection (50/90/135). 1/50 max flash sync speed… On paper then, one might ask why anyone […]

Cover - Kodak Tri-X 400 follow-up: Does it even really matter? - By Simon King Kodak Tri-X 400 follow-up: Does it even really matter? – By Simon King August 4, 2020 Posted in: Articles, Opinion - I wrote an article here on EMULSIVE in April 2019 where I discussed some of the steps I made early on in my film photography process. I covered my earliest roll in 2016 to my then most recent work on Kodak Tri-X 400. I had sampled almost everything on offer by ILFORD, quite a few […]

Cover - Building the Cameradactyl Brancopan Building the CAMERADACTYL Brancopan August 9, 2020 Posted in: Articles, Film camera Reviews, Reviews - “Are you drilling?” asked my bleary-eyed wife, coming out of the bedroom of our small apartment at 1:30am. My desk was cluttered with tools, plastic shavings, and a half-completed CAMERADACTYL Brancopan 3D-printed camera. Of course I was drilling: the Brancopan has 27 fasteners with 1,094 thread revolutions, and there was no way that I was […]

5 Frames… Of a desolate Blackpool with Kodak ColorPlus 200 (35mm Format / EI 200 / OLYMPUS OM-2) – by Jack Sanford August 15, 2020 Posted in: 5 Frames..., Articles - I’ve been shooting on film (or with any non-convenient high-megapixel low-character smartphone capacity) for a little under half a year now, starting very feebly with what I chose would be worthy of taking a photo of, I slowly garnered the courage to capture moments spontaneously without fear of running out of film – I started […]

Cover - Stop cross processing your slide film- #Saynotoxpro - by Sandeep Sumal Stop cross processing your slide film: #Saynotoxpro August 22, 2020 Posted in: Articles, Featured, Opinion - That’s right I said it, stop cross-processing lovely slide film. Slide film was designed to produce lovely true striking colours, with great contrast, sharpness and fine grain. It allowed photographers, artists and printers to see exactly what they were getting. Yet you want to xpro it to make it grainy, blurry and a complete smorgasbord […]

NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY WITH THE MINT CAMERA INSTANTKON RF70 AND FUJIFILM INSTAX WIDE FILM Night photography with the MiNT Camera Instantkon RF70 and Fujifilm Instax Wide film August 23, 2020 Posted in: Featured Projects, Film camera Reviews, Reviews - There have been few opportunities for me to take the Instax Wide format MiNT Camera Instantkon RF70 on a night shoot, a favourite activity of mine. With the “iso” in Sydney having lifted in June, I was excited to have an opportunity to see what it could really do in low light. The Instantkon RF70 […]

My Kodak Medalist II, Rainer Otter 5 Frames of the smallest town in Germany: Blankenberg on respooled Fujifilm NEOPAN 100 ACROS (Kodak Medalist II / 120 format / EI 100) – by Rainer Otter August 24, 2020 Posted in: 5 Frames..., Articles - “My love affair with photography began about 45 years ago, parallel with my love affair with my first girlfriend. My passion for photography never ended. For about twenty years I used medium format cameras for the best quality feasible at the time, mostly 4.5×6 and 6×7. The lab process was also done in my own […]


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