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It’s time to take a look back at the month of June 2019 here on EMULSIVE. Two new film announcements, an interview with the one and only Jon Canlas, film simulation research and hooking up old scanning gear are just a few of the topics and articles that appeared right here.

If you missed anything, I start with the highlights below (as decided by you and in order of publication), and finish up with a full list at the end of the page.


A practical guide to… Lith printing

Alexander Elkholy put together a fantastic step-by-step guide based on his own research and experiences. It contains everything you need to help you understand the myriad variables when working with this process.

EMULSIVE Interview #200: I am Jonathan Canlas and this is why I shoot film

I’m honoured to have Jon Canlas as my 200th EMULSIVE interviewee and can’t wait for you to get stuck into his words and work!

Brand new film from Fujifilm: NEOPAN 100 ACROS II announced, begins shipping Autumn 2019

Following last year’s official discontinuation of NEOPAN 100 ACROS lat year, there was little hope that Fuji would ever reenter the consumer black and white film space again. This announcement at the beginning of June changed all that.

My first Impressions with the Bronica ETRSi

Maxime took the leap into 6×4.5 format earlier this year with a Bronica ETRSi kit he found online for €60. He’s here with his first impressions of both the camera and the format.

Color drama: Negative Lab Pro v2… Finding the right workflow for scanning color film at home

This article from Ludwig Hagelstein charts his process and frustration with scanning color negative film, and how NLP has changed that. See inside for details on the workflow he uses and comparisons against the processing software he’s been using to date.

5 Frames With… Kodak Vision 3 500T 5129 (EI 1600 / 35mm / Nikon FA) – by Adam Carl

The only 5 Frames With to make it into the top ten for this month was submitted by Adam Carl, shot on motion picture film and developed in its native chemistry. Check it out!

Research: is there really a difference between real and simulated film photographs?

This article charts Roy Fotchman’s undergrad research from 2016 where he asked the question, “Can the human eye recognize the difference between a real film photograph and a digital film simulation under the given viewing conditions?“ It’s not film vs digital and if you’re interested, you can still submit your responses to Roy’s ongoing survey (link inside).

The best medium format camera ever made – Mamiya 6 MF review

Saying anything is the best of anything is a highly subjective statement, which is why Charlie prefaced his article with “…for me”…not that anyone read that part! Read on to learn why, of all the medium format camera systems he’s used, Charlie stands behind his statement that the Mamiya 6 MF is the best ever made.

New film from Shanghai: GP3 100 now in 35mm format…plus 120 format updates

Hot on the heels of Fujifilm is new Shanghai JC. Having purchased the rights and production platforms from the original state-backed manufacturer, the new Shanghai film company is expanding into 35mm format for the first time. The film is already available on Taobao (link inside).

How to: Connect legacy film scanners to modern computers

Last up for June’s top ten was one of my own articles – an in-depth look at how exactly you can hook up all manner of legacy scanning (and other) gear to modern computers. It was a total time sink to write and I hope you find it useful!

…and here’s everything in order of publication

Life gets busy, so here’s everything on EMULSIVE in June in one single list!

Thanks for reading!

~ EM

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Introducing the Crumpotype : buttery Summertime cyanotype fun – by John Whitmore

5 Frames… With New Oriental Seagull 100 (EI 100 / 35mm format / Canon AV-1) – by Orrin Heath


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