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It feels like there’s been an explosion of new films and analogue photography podcasts hit the air this year. It’s hard to keep up sometimes, so a few weeks ago I decided to collect all of the active podcasts together in a podcast list and share them here. The idea being – like my Film Lab Map and Film Stock series’ – to keep it up to date as things change.

2018 alone has seen seven new film/analogue photography podcasts start, a sure sign of how healthy, vibrant and diverse the analogue photography community and industry are as a whole today. Far from being a crowded market, each of the podcasts shown here brings its own personality and twists to the content. I’d highly recommend giving them all a spin if you can.

Below you’ll find 27 alphabetically ordered podcasts split into two groups: Analogue photography podcasts and Ambiguously analogue photography podcasts (thanks to James Giordano for his blessing on that second one). Both groups are well worth your time exploring, and range in subject matter from film and gear talk to darkroom technique, photographer interviews/chat and the creative process.

With their first episode having aired in 2009, the oldest film photography podcast here is well, the Film Photography Podcast from our friends over at the FPP (well done, folks!). The newest is Embrace the Grain, which started in April 2019.

For the sake of relevance, I have not included any podcasts that have not aired new episodes within the last six months. As ever, if I’ve missed anyone off, drop me a line with their details in the comments and I’ll set about updating this article.


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Analogue photography podcasts

The title is a bit of a misnomer, as a few of the podcasts you’ll see below also focus on digital photography. That said, all of these people currently do, or have spoken about analogue photography, processes and gear.

Against the Grain (Graincast)
“The fresh pressed juice of photography podcasts”, Graincast is hosted by Ray Larose, Thomas Skrlj and Cody Priebe: three friends who hit record as they talk about photography and how it matters to them. Frequent guests are invited to join the conversation and share insights into their industry.
Started: March 2017
Listen to Graincast on iTunes »Listen to Graincast on Soundcloud »

Analog Talk
Christine Bartolucci and Timothy Ditzler talk about film photography, covering news and updates, to their own experiences with gear and technique. Each week they bring on a special guest co-host and discuss their love of analogue photography.
Started: June 2017
Listen to Analog Talk on iTunes »Listen to Analog Talk on Podbean »

Box of Cameras
Matt Melcher is a film enthusiast sharing his experiences with film cameras, development processes, bulk loading film and photography in general.
Started: February 2018
Listen to Box of Cameras on iTunes »Listen to Box of Cameras on Anchor.fm »

Classic Camera Revival
Hosted by Alex Luyckx, Bill Smith and John Meadows, Classic Camera Revival is about promoting and reviewing pre-2000 camera gear, photographic mediums, techniques and camera care/maintenance. Well worth a listen!
Started: October 2016
Listen to the Classic Camera Revival on iTunes »Listen to the Classic Camera Revival on Podbean »

Creative Bar, The
Jon Wilkening hosts this wonderfully informal podcast with weekly guests from around the world covering all aspects of analogue photography and creativity.
Started: May 2016
Listen to The Creative Bar on iTunes »Listen to The Creative Bar on Podbean »

Embrace the Grain Photography Podcast
Each week Sherry chats about different topics, relating to both digital and film photography. The show is mainly focuses on analog photography, with hints of digital photography included. Located in Alberta, Canada she talks about the challenges of shooting in a rural area and the special challenges involved.
Started: April 2019
Listen to Embrace the Grain on iTunes »

Film Photo Geeks
Alex Hakimi and Laura King look at recent industry news, gear reviews and conduct in-depth interviews with other film photographers. The show is fun, irreverent, humorous, and the hosts may leave you with a case of Gear Acquisition Syndrome.
Started: April 2018
Listen to the Film Photo Geeks on iTunes »Listen to the Film Photo Geeks on Sticher »

Film Photography Podcast
Michael Raso, Matt Marash and others host the longest running film photography podcast in existence. The show has built a huge following from around the world and covers news and updates from the industry and community, and covers topics for both professional and novice film photographers alike. Essential listening.
Started: October 2009
Listen to the Film Photography Podcast on iTunes »Listen to the Film Photography Podcast on Podbean »

First Person Shooter
Wes Bowker hosts a one-man photography podcast focused on family, film and the creative process. Listen for talk about the creative process and photographer interviews.
Started: November 2017
Listen to First Person Shooter on iTunes »Listen to First Person Shooter on Podbean »

Grainy Dayz, The
The foul mouthed, punk rock podcast about film photography. Dustin and Mac are joined by a rotating cast of hosts like Pete and Ed, while interviewing guests about projects, style, and all the randomness that pops up along the way. .
Started: April 2019
Listen to the Graing Dayz Podcast on iTunes »

Homemade Camera Podcast
Graham and Nick catch up twice a month to record this podcast dedicated to modifying and building cameras. New episodes are released on the 7th and 21st of each month. Required reading for new and very long in the tooth mod aficionados alike.
Started: April 2018
Listen to the Homemade Camera Podcast on iTunes »Listen to the Homemade Camera Podcast on Podbean »

Kodakery, The
Hosted by Joshua Coon and Meagan Ramplin, The Kodakery is Kodak’s podcast and features in-depth conversations with creatives about their contributions to film, art and analogue culture. A new show is released each week on Wednesday.
Started: December 2015
Listen to The Kodakery on iTunes »Listen to The Kodakery on Podbean »

Lensless Podcast, The
Andrew Bartram, Corey Cannon host The Lensless Podcast covering everything pinhole photography. The show features a new guest each week, plucked from the community at large, where they are invited to talk about their images, inspiration, ideas, life and their creative process.
Started: March 2018
Listen to the Lensless Podcast on iTunes »Listen to the Lensless Podcast on Podbean »

Large Format Photography Podcast, The
Photography podcast superstars, Andrew Bartram and Simon Forster combine Andrew’s knowledge base of large format photography with Simon’s near complete lack of it to produce a show that’s aimed at both experienced users and beginners. The LFPP is published every two weeks on a Friday.
Started: March 2019
Listen to the LFPP on Podbean »

Light in the Dark
John Gregory charts his journey back into the darkroom in his podcast, Light in the Dark. John discusses film processing and printing techniques, and interviews other photographers and darkroom alchemists.
Started: April 2018
Listen to Light in the Dark on Anchor.fm »

Matt Loves Cameras
Matt Loves Cameras features film camera reviews, instant camera reviews, and everything analogue photography related! Episodes feature all sorts of cameras and film formats including 110, 120, 126, 127, 135, Polaroid and Instax.
Started: November 2018
Listen to the Negative Positives podcast on iTunes » Listen to Matt Loves Cameras on Spotify » Listen to Matt Loves Cameras on Podbean » Listen to Matt Loves Cameras on I Heart Radio » Listen to Matt Loves Cameras on the web »

Negative Positives
Mike Gutterman, Andre Domingues host Negative Positives – possibly the film photography podcast fueled solely on adult beverages. The show features industry news and updates, as well an occasional appearance from yours truly at the end of each month.
Started: October 2017
Listen to the Negative Positives podcast on iTunes »Listen to the Negative Positives podcast on Podbean »

Not Afraid Of Grain
Not Afraid Of Grain mostly focuses on film photography, although also touches on digital and features conversation and tips on shooting/developing film and gear, to name a small a few topics.
Started: November 2017
Listen to Not Afraid Of Grain on iTunes »Listen to Not Afraid of Grain on Podbean »

On the Streets – A photography podcast
An original film shooter, George G charts his return to film and documents his experiences along the way. From shooting new film stocks to home developing.
Started: July 2018
Listen to On the Streets on iTunes »

Soot and Whitewash
In this “as and when” podcast, Neil Piper discusses his thoughts on aspects of his own photography and pretty much anything else analogue photography related.
Started: July 2018
Listen to Soot and Whitewash on Anchor.fm »

Studio C-41
Steven, John, and Bill host this weekly podcast featuring a heavy focus on the film industry, news and commentary. The podcast features film and gear talk, interviews with photographers and industry folks, as well as long-form discussion on current topics.
Started: July 2017
Listen to Studio C-41 on iTunes »

Sunny 16 Podcast
Ade, Rachel and Jeremy Graeme, host the Sunny 16 Podcast, a weekly podcast which explores the world of analogue photography in all its forms. The podcast features photographer and industry interviews, industry news and a focus on listener feedback. The team also run the Cheap Shots Challenge, and their annual film photography awards, The Sunnies.
Started: November 2016
Listen to the Sunny 16 Podcast on iTunes »Listen to the Sunny 16 Podcast on Podbean »

Uncle Jonesy’s Cameras
In this “as and when” podcast, Neil Piper discusses his thoughts on aspects of his own photography and pretty much anything else analogue photography related.
Started: July 2018
Listen to Uncle Jonesy’s Cameras on Google Play »Listen to Uncle Jonesy’s Cameras on iTunes »Listen to Uncle Jonesy’s Cameras on Spotify »

Under the Safelight
Bryce Randol hosts this podcast with a focus on film photography and the darkroom. Listen for thoughts on dry plates, split filtering and paper negatives.
Started: April 2016
Listen to Under the Safelight on iTunes »Listen to Under the Safelight on Anchor.fm »

Ambiguously analogue photography podcasts

Not specifically analogue photography related or focused more heavily on the digital process, the folks listed here are still amongst the best photography podcasts out there to listen to and do occasionally cover analogue photography, processes and gear.

Art of Photography, The
Ted Forbes is probably the most prolific photography podcaster today, releasing The Art of Photography three times a week! The show covers photographic technique, composition, philosophy, craft, digital photography, film, darkroom techniques and more. Although heavily focused on digital from a gear perspective there’s plenty of film talk – enough to make me think again about moving it out of this group altogether. Let me sleep on it.
Started: April 2015
Listen to The Art of Photography on iTunes »Listen to The Art of Photography on Podbean »

Classic Lenses Podcast
Johnny Sisson, Perry Ge and Simon Forster (plus an occasional guest or two) release their inner lens geek and talk about using old (and modern) manual focus lenses in this weekly transatlantic analogue biased podcast. The three hosts are enthusiastic film shooters as well as adapters of lenses to digital cameras.
Started: January 2018
Listen to the Classic Lenses Podcast on iTunes »Listen to the Classic Lenses Podcast on Podcast Player »

Photography Matters
Ted Vieira – the man with the silkiest voice you’ll ever hear covers inspirational topics, random thoughts, tips and other information in Photography Matters. If you want your perspectives on photographic approach challenged, I’d highly recommend giving it a listen.
Started: March 2018
Listen to Photography Matters on iTunes »

Over to you

I’m sure I’ve left a few podcasts out and with that in mind, I would love your feedback. Drop me a line in the comments with your thoughts and suggestions. Give me a name and a link and I’ll take care of the rest.


~ EM

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  2. Another shout out for the Candid Frame, it really should be in this list, Ibarionex Perello is about the best interviewer I’ve listened to bar none and he has excellent guests.

  3. Hey Em, Thanks for adding my podcast ‘A Light In The Dark’ to the list. Due to technical difficulties getting the podcast distributed properly we had to recreate it with a different URL. Would you mind updating the URL to ‘https://anchor.fm/john-gregory6’. Thanks for all the work you do for the film photography community.

  4. Great podcast list, a pity On Taking Pictures is finished but back recording are still worth a listen. The Candid Frame is a must add though.

    1. It was a tough call to exclude so many, Jack. I think I dropped four or five from the list because they’d just stopped creating (I set my activity at 6 months). I may well add a third group to the list to cover all of those folks. There’s some good listening to be had.

  5. The Perceptive Photographer by Daniel Gregory. He is an Analog and Digital artist and instructor. website is danieljgregory.com/feed/podcast

  6. Hey, thanks very much for the inclusion, EM, I appreciate that! And even more, thanks for the list. Always looking for great conversations on film. Thanks man!

    1. …and thanks for putting together the show, Ted! I meant what I said about “silkiest voice”. I’ve seen grown men swoon when played just a few seconds of your intro 😀