The Hypersensitive Podcast Episode 12: The JCH premium rate chat line

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Continuing our diversification towards becoming a podcast run by photographers rather than a photography podcast, Hamish and I caught up with Bellamy Hunt of JCH about his recent SIBO diagnosis (it’s not a made-up acronym) and how it’s affecting his life.

Hamish finds five minutes to talk about photography before getting distracted and I talk about squirrels sitting on custom-made garden furniture.

Apologies for the audio, we had to record a Skype conversation, so the levels are a bit all over the place. Hamish and I should be recording episode 13 on April 28th, so if you’ve got any questions, you have a few hours from the time this post goes live to get them in.

Listen here (Apple Podcasts usually take a few hours to update):

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As ever, there’s NSFW language from the start and please leave your suggestions for the next episode in the comment’s section below or over on the world’s fastest-growing social media collective: the HPP Facebook group. You can always find the podcast on your favourite app/syndicator once they’ve pulled it across…apart from Spotify for some reason. Weird.

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~ EM and Hamish

Ps. Thanks to Jem for the help in mastering the episode. You were a massive help!


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