Recorded on February 7th, Hamish and I managed to fill an hour and forty minutes with pure photography talk. No commentary on society, politics, nothing but photography. We think it’s a first but can’t really be bothered to go back and listen to the last eight episodes to confirm.

Yes, the latest Hypersensitive Photographers Podcast episode is out and unlike the last one, this isn’t being released as “pre-optimised”. For that, you’ll have to bump the speed to 1.5x yourself.

Hamish and I talk about photographic self-indulgence, photographic archives, gatekeeping (again) and give insight into the home life of Mike Eckman (that last one is a doozy). We also talk a bit about the value of photographs with no universal story to tell, pixl-latr and the worrying rise of the “religion of film”.

For everyone else out here fighting against these destructive fundamentalists, we ask and answer the questions:

If you don’t darkroom print will you be eventually be smited from above for crimes against photography and without it, can you really, honestly say that you’re “doing it right?”

To listen to that and everything else in our irreverent little chat, please tune in using the links below. Please bear in mind that the Apple link might take a while for them to update.

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As ever, there’s NSFW language from the start and please leave your suggestions for the next episode in the comment’s section below or over on the world’s fastest-growing social media collective: the HPP Facebook group. You can always find the podcast on your favourite app/syndicator once they’ve pulled it across…apart from Spotify for some reason. Weird.

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~ EM and Hamish

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