Lomography launches new slow 35mm B&W film: Fantôme Kino ISO 8

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Hot off the press is news of a new film by the folks at Lomography: Fantôme Kino B&W ISO 8 film in 35mm format. Touted as a “brand new high contrast film with panchromatic sensitivity for a truly cinematic look”, Fantôme Kino B&W exhibits a high contrast look with smooth grain and based on the samples provided by the company, looks like it’ll find a soft spot with a few portrait photographers to know. Well, I think so at least

Sample images follow.

As with Lomography’s recent film releases, Fantôme Kino B&W is available on preorder with an expected release date of June 2020. In a departure from the latest version 3 (2019)Unlike the company’s most recent release (LomoChrome Metropolis XR 100-400), the film is available for preorder directly on the Lomography website for US$8.90 per roll.

One thing that remains a (new) staple of Lomography’s film releases remains, however: an open-call for more testers. The company is inviting all film shooters to apply to become a tester, with 20 places in all. According to the folks at Lomography, one of the 20 will receive a “top secret new film to try out”. Apply using this Google Form before April 1st (no joke).

Packshots and further samples follow below.

Hamid Gil over at 35mmc has some additional scans and a write up from a roll he was sent before the announcement. Please do check them out.

So, what do you think? This is the fifth new film from Lomography in a little over 12 months. We’ve had Potsdam, Berlin, Lomochrome Purple v3 and Metropolis. Will you be buying a few rolls to see what it’s like for yourself?

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts in the comments below.

~ EM

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