Brand new film from Fujifilm: NEOPAN 100 ACROS II announced, begins shipping Autumn 2019

Updated with additional details, speculation and sample images. Picked up just a few moments ago is the heart-stopping news that Fujifilm is officially bringing black and white films back to the market in Autumn 2019 with the all-new NEOPAN

Amazing canned food pinhole selfies (featured project and how to)

It all started with some idle musings between a few photographers. Some were expressing a bit of disdain for the "selfie generation", which triggered a chain of thought that lead me to a fusion of pop-art and selfies.

No joke: 30%+ price increase on Fujifilm photographic film and paper from April 1st 2019

Update: Within hours of this announcement several online retailers and eBay sellers have increased their prices by up to 40% in anticipation of the April 1st change. Price gouging continues to thrive in 2019.

Photography: Put your feet up – Shot on ILFORD FP4 PLUS at EI 800 (35mm format)

Put your feet up Shot on ILFORD FP4 PLUS at EI 800. Black and white negative film in wide 35mm format (TEXPan). Push processed 2⅔-stops. Fuji GW690III + EBC Fujinon 90mm f/3.5.   Development notes Kodak HC-110: 1+31(B