My good friend Johan recently moved from Gothenburg, Sweden to Berlin, Germany. I wanted to give him a proper farewell and give myself the best chance to emotionally process the loss of him moving. So, according to the proper virus distancing rules we met up on a cold and windy March day in 2021, walked around the area where I live, took some photos and had some great conversations!

Before we went on the photowalk I gave him the traditional cup of coffee to warm things up, in this case, because of the distancing rules I had to do it outside instead of properly inviting Johan indoors and relaxing by the kitchen table.

I also wanted to document this moment on film so I got out my last two rolls of 120 Fujifilm NEOPAN 100 ACROS (first generation) and my Rolleicord III TLR camera and shot some frames, unfortunately at some point, my camera got too cold so it refused to advance to frame 11!

NEOPAN 100 ACROS is special to me. During the summer of 2019, my good friend Jonas visited Gothenburg and we had some great quality social moments together including shooting some ACROS, Johan also joined on some of the photo walks. We had a great summer and created great memories!

Fast forward to the windy march day in 2021 when my Rolleicord III froze and didn’t want to advance to frame 11.
Knowing that this was my last time to see Johan in Gothenburg for a good while I gave him my last roll of ACROS as a parting gift and wished him good luck with his new adventure in Berlin. This last roll of ACROS also was a great way to remember that great 2019 summer.

When I developed the roll, I was reminded of what a year of stay-at-home-2020 has done to my ability to get things in focus with the Rolleicord III because just the four first frames were in focus, the rest were very badly out of focus.

Lastly, there is the answer to a question I asked myself; if this proper farewell would be an effective way for my mind to accept this loss and move on instead of falling down a well and feeling bad? Thankfully the answer was yes. I gave myself the best possible farewell and I was able to accept the situation.

So, from me to anyone that needs to say farewell to something: make the last time the best possible timeand the most memorable one, it will help your mind to rest and hopefully allow you to move on!

~ Sina

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I am a freelance photographer that enjoys challenges and discovering my world in photos! I teach photograpy and in my spare time I enjoy analog photography.

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  1. I am looking for a brass lens flange for a thornton pickard brass lens. Does anyone have one or know how I can get one to fit to the lens on my thornton pickard camera. I have tried e bay and gum tree , my problem is that so far on the rare occassion that I find one it is not in melbourne, I am in hurstbridge, and I need to try to screw it on before I buy.
    michael costa
    0412 990 795

  2. Sina,
    You did a fine job of weaving together photography, friendship, and dealing with Covid. Just today, I went out to shoot some urban scenes and forgot to check my film supply. I had 5 shots left and when I finished, and reached for a fresh roll, I forgot to pack a spare roll. We’re all rusty.