Fujifilm INSTAX

EMULSIVE’S most popular film stock reviews of 2020

There are a few days left for 2020 (well, 2 at the time of publication) and like 2019, we didn’t see any film stocks being …

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So you want to shoot Fujifilm Instax? These are your options today... Image Credit: Edward Conde

So you want to shoot Fujifilm Instax? These are your options today

Fujifilm Instax covers a huge range of instant film and cameras created and sold since 1998. Over the past 2+ decades, while the number of …

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The Mamiya C33 with one of the Instax Mini Monochrome sheets it produced!

Camera review: Me and my Mamiya C33 TLR with Instax back – by DamianWithSandra

Hey everyone!

We are Damian and Sandra, and like many of EMULSIVE’s readers, we are passionate about photography!

Some of our followers on Instagram have come across our Fujifilm Monochrome Photo Competition test entry on our website and noticed one

Fuji Instax Mini Monochrome - Central, Hong Kong Island

Instax モノクローム + Leica ゾフォート コンペティション

Instax モノクローム + Instax カメラで撮影した写真(フレーム付き)をJPGフォーマットにし、Eメールにてご応募ください。

1位: Instax Monochrome 10パック + Leica ゾフォート (オレンジ)
2位: Instax Monochrome 5パック
3位: Instax Monochrome 3パック
特別賞: Instax Monochrome パック


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Esperimenti fotografici con Fuji Instanx in bianco e nero

English version here: https://emulsive.org/experiments/black-and-white-fuji-instax-photographic-experiments

Mi chiamo WhatsBehindThat e faccio foto.

La mia prima foto e’ stata fatta con una Yashica, dopo che mio fratello mi spiego’ come leggere la tabella dei valori dietro al flash e come impostare

Experimenting with black and white photography on colour Fuji INSTAX

Versione in Italiano e qui: https://emulsive.org/experiments/esperimenti-fotografici-con-fuji-instanx-in-bianco-e-nero

My name is WhatsBehindThat and I make photos.

I took my first shots with a Yashica film camera (after my brother explained me how to read the table of values behind the