UPDATE 2016-11-30:
In recognition of supply inconsistencies so close to the global release of Instax Mini Monochrome, the judges have decided to extend the deadline until midnight on Sunday December 11th. We’ve had some amazing entries to date and hope this gives those of you who are still waiting for orders to arrive a little bit of breathing space.
To celebrate the release of Fujifilm’s Instax Mini Monochrome film, the ever-ready-legendary Dan K has gone all kinds of insane and decided to sponsor a photo competition which gives you – yes, you – the chance to win up to 10 packs of the new black and white instant film.
Not content to leave it at that, he’s also secured a new Leica Sofort (in dapper orange) for the grand prize winner.
You heard that right, you have a chance to win 10 packs of Instax Mini Monochrome and the latest Instax-compatible camera to shoot it with.
Let’s get cracking before the Red Bull wears off.

The entry requirements

Fuji Instax Mini Monochrome - Central, Hong Kong Island
Fuji Instax Mini Monochrome – Central, Hong Kong Island

If you’re reading this you’ll probably already be aware of this new film through our very own (world first!) Instax Mini Monochrome review and Dan’s recent dive into some of Instax Mini Monochrome’s more colorful characteristics.
The requirements for entry are brutally simple:

  • Use Instax Mini Monochrome film and an Instax camera (no printers) to create a photograph of something…anything.
  • Take a digital photo, or make a scan of the Instax sheet.
  • Submit up to two photos by midnight (your local time) on November 30th 2016.
  • Wait.

There’s no specific criteria (subject, etc.) for what you should take a photo of and it’s up to you if you take a daytime shot, long exposure, multiple exposure…whatever.
We’re don’t care if your subject matter is serious, funny, melancholy or downright depressing, as long as the photo is one that you took yourself. The main thing is to take and submit images which demonstrate what Instax Mini Monochrome is capable of achieving. Dan’s put together an extensive article covering our criteria here.
If you need help in getting hold of Instax Mini Monochrome, please drop Camera Film Photo a line. They have stock, ship internationally and will also be handling the distribution of prizes.

Fuji Instax Mini Monochrome - The Peak, Hong Kong Island
Fuji Instax Mini Monochrome – The Peak, Hong Kong Island

You may submit up to two images for consideration and you must follow the rules outlined below to the letter. Any deviation will result in disqualification. Sorry but those are the breaks.
The entry fee for each submission is zero, nothing, nada, zilch. If you must, pay us in love and share details of this competition.
Speaking of which:
Please help spread the word by sharing this article or images of your Instax Mini Monochrome sheets on Twitter and social media. Tag @EMULSIVEfilm and use the #InstaxMonochrome hashtag.
IMPORTANT: submitting your images via the email address and in the format described in the rules below is the only way that you can enter. Sharing a picture on Twitter will not count as an entry!

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The prizes

1x Brand new factory fresh Leica Sofort instant camera in snappy orange
10x packs of Instax Mini Monochrome
5x packs of Instax Mini Monochrome
3x packs of Instax Mini Monochrome
1x pack each of Instax Mini Monochrome

The rules

  • All entries must be taken on Instax Mini Monochrome film and taken on an Instax compatible camera. The brand of camera doesn’t matter and modified cameras/add-on Instax backs are all permitted.
  • Entries printed using an Instax printer of any description are not permitted and will be rejected.
  • All entries must be submitted by email to: instaxmono@emulsive.org in JPG format with minimal post processing.
  • Each entrant can submit up to two images for consideration. Note that if you submit a diptych/triptych, etc., it will be counted as a single entry – our judging criteria can be found here.
  • Each entrant must also submit a phone/digital photograph of the Instax sheet on a colorful background.
  • Each entrant can win only one prize.
  • Submitted image(s) should be at least 1000px wide and at most 3000px wide on the longest edge.
  • Entries must include the full border frame of the integral film (see examples above).
  • Include the following in your email, along with a physical address to send prizes to if granted:
    • Caption / Title
    • Location
    • Camera (make/model) used
  • Make your submissions before midnight 30 November 2016. We will aim to publish details of the winners, runners up and honourable mentions during the second week of December.
  • By entering, you grant EMULSIVE and Fujifilm the right to publish your image here on this website and via social media – the image remains your property.
  • You also agree for your name and address to be shared with the folks over at Camera Film Photo, as they will be handling distribution of prizes.
  • You must be the original author of the image and ensure you have to authority to grant these rights, including any legally required model releases and appropriate location permission. Send copies of these with your email submission. If you submit an image that doesn’t meet this criteria and happen to win a prize, you’ll be disqualified and bad karma will be yours for life.
  • We do not accept photos that depict any illegal or immoral activity, or where someone’s safety has been put in jeopardy. If you submit images of this nature, shame on you and even more bad karma.
  • The competition organisers and judges (EMULSIVE and Dan K), will be the sole deciders on which entries to accept and select.
  • Having fun whilst taking your photographs is a non-optional socially required convention.

Everything clear?
Get cracking!

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