Shot on Kodak AEROCHROME III 1443 at EI 400
Color infrared aerial surveillance film in 35mm format
Shot with #21 orange filter

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Tranquility - Shot on Kodak Aerochrome III (1443) shot at EI 400. Color infrared slide film in 35mm format. Orange #21 filter.

Shot on Kodak Aerochrome III (1443) at EI 400.

Color infrared slide film in 35mm format.

Orange #21 filter.



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  1. Hi Ethan, I have been talking to some of my colleagues on Instagram, in UK, in Tokyo and St Petersburg, and I am trying to find out if there would be enough people interested for Silberra to re-make a very high contrast printing paper, similar to Agfa Brovira Grade 6, which was the “go-to” paper for photojournalists back in the 60’s through to when it was discontinued. Many of the iconic images from that era (David Bailey etc) were printed on it. Would you do a survey on the Emulsive blog to find out whether people are printing their own (wet darkroom), or use a proper darkroom service to print their images? You probably have the best following of analog photographers, so their opinion would be priceless. Regards, Howard