Photography: Hungry work – Shot on ILFORD Delta 400 Professional at EI 400 (35mm format)

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Hungry work

Shot on ILFORD Delta 400 Professional at EI 400.
Black and white negative film in 35mm format.
Horizon S3 Pro.

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3 thoughts on “Photography: Hungry work – Shot on ILFORD Delta 400 Professional at EI 400 (35mm format)”

  1. Lovely scenery and Horizon is great even i don’t familiar with this S3 but i’m in love with panoramic cameras and still looking for some replacement of my broken Horizon 202.
    About Delta 400. now i know exactly why i do love to “over everything” it. Recently i exposed two rolls – one is fresh and another one expired in 2006 at @ EI200 but developed EI800 (medium format not 135). i’m in love with the drama created by this method, the box speed is somehow boring and flat for me.

    • Thanks, Victor. This was my first roll in quite a while and I’m still trying to get into the “swing” of it! The S3 is pretty much identical to your 202. Just a newer build, slight lens optimisation and a slowest speed of 1 second. Well worth the money if you want to replace your 202.

      Totally agree with you on “over everything-ing” Delta 400 Pro. I will be doing the same with my next roll!

      • good to know about S3 ! i really love to have another panoramic camera and all other options are expensive like hell.
        good luck with the Delta. i have another roll loaded to Fuji GA645 and hope to finish it during two.days of the weekend that already started here.


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