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The Honesty in Film Photography – by Simon King

After some recent discussions with my peers, I've started to feel that "honesty" is an underrated quality in many genres of photography....

Neshama Sheli: Documenting Israel and the Palestinian territories

This is my ever-changing long-term photo essay about Israel and the Palestinian territories. A place so complex and beautiful at the same time. It isn't always easy or straightforward to put into words but I have done my best to paint

Photography: On the job – Shot on ILFORD Delta 400 Professional...

On the job Shot on ILFORD Delta 400 Professional at EI 25600Black and white negative film in 120 format...

Photography: Hungry work – Shot on ILFORD Delta 400 Professional at...

Hungry work Shot on ILFORD Delta 400 Professional at EI 400.Black and white negative film in 35mm format.Horizon S3 Pro.

EMULSIVE interview #196: I am Markus Hofstaetter and this is why...

It's an absolute pleasure to welcome you all to join me falling into the words and work of a rather rare beast.

The AgiPinFold Conversion part 2: Beta testing – by Toby van de...

Back in July, I walked you through the initial build for my Agipinfold, an Agifold 6×6 camera converted to pinhole. It's time for part two. The pinhole is still held on with blue tack…..

Finding Film part 12: Ilford Delta 100 and 400 Professional

Before I begin this month’s #FindingFilm, I’ll give you advance warning. Go and put the kettle on, make a brew, and settle in. This is going to be a long one. Ah Delta……Delta, Delta, Delta.

EMULSIVE's most popular film photography experimentation articles of 2017

What would film photography be without the experimentation aspect? Sticking to box speeds, recommended developers and "the right way" of doing things is boring     10.

Camera review: Fuji GA645i, “The Portrait Machine” – by Anil Mistry

In this piece, I will be reviewing the Fuji GA645i 6x4.5 medium format camera.

Camera review: Mamiya 645 1000S by Tim Dobbs

The Mamiya 645 1000S was not my first medium format camera.

Finding film part 7: Let there be light AKA a disaster...

Hello again, EMULSIVE readers.

EMULSIVE interview #147: I am Isabel Curdes and this is why...

I've been looking forward to this for a while and in fact...that's all I'm going to say about it.

Long exposure film tests part two: ILFORD HP5 PLUS, ILFORD Delta...

Welcome to part two of my long exposure test results.

EMULSIVE interview #131: I am Jessica Hobbs and this is why...

This week's interview is with talented Montrealian (Montrealite?) Jessica Hobbs.

EMULSIVE interview #126: I am Lilly Schwartz and this is why...

It's a pleasure to be able to bring you Lilly Schwartz or @blaurebell, as she's know on Twitter for today's interview. Lilly is a true film photography hero.

Photography: Bench – Ilford Delta 400 Professional (120)

Bench Ilford Delta 400 Professional shot at EI 400 Black and white negative film in 120 format shot as 6x6 2x Teleconverter      

Camera review: Me and my Ricoh GR1s Date by James Gifford-Mead

I work as full-time photographer during the week taking pictures for corporate companies and shooting events, so unfortunately, photography was becoming more and more like work.

EMULSIVE interview #105: I am Jasjit Singh and this is why...

It's that time of week again, time to sit down with another film photographer and find out what makes them tick.

EMULSIVE x ILFORD community interview: results time

Back in mid-May 2016, we invited you all to submit your questions to Ilford Photo for the second in a new series of community interviews here on #EMULSIVE.

Photography: Forest floor – Ilford Delta 400 Professional (35mm)

Forest floor Shot on Ilford Delta 400 Professional at EI 800 Black and white negative film in 35mm format Push processed one stop