Apologies for the delay in getting this ready folks, the past two months have been one helluva ride!
It’s time to announce the winners of October’s #DeltaDefJam and in a first for any of the film parties to date, we have a tie for first place.
Voting was tighter than any past party, with second, third and fourth place tied by a single vote each – almost too close to call.
So, without further ado, here’s the roll call from third to first place.

3rd place

Ashley B Williams‏ – @Grumpyfck
Day 3 #2 Mamiya c330
Delta 100, DD-X 1:6.
@DeltaDefJam #DeltaDefJam #52cameras52weeks @SoperfectImages #believeinfilm

2017-11-18 - Ashley B Williams
2017-10-18 – Ashley B Williams


2nd place

Stephen S‏ – @fresnel10
Mmmmore neon. Took Enoch tries to get a good photo of this sign. @ILFORDPhoto Delta 100 & Canon A1. #DeltaDefJam

2017-11-18 - Stephen S
2017-10-18 – Stephen S


Joint 1st place

Claudio Gomboli and Adi W were voted by you into joint first place for their submissions on the 16th and 17th of October respectively. Here they are, with some words about the photographs they created:
Claudio Gomboli‏ – @gomboli
…and it’s also @DeltaDefJam time!
Day 1, Nikon F3 50mm, @ILFORDPhoto Delta 3200 + red filter.
#DeltaDefJam #StreetPhotography

2017-10-16 - Claudio Gomboli‏
2017-11-16 – Claudio Gomboli‏

My photo was shot with a Nikon F3, 50mm Series E lens with a red filter on ILFORD Delta 3200 Professional at London’s Canary Wharf.

That day I tried shooting without viewfinder, removing the prism to use the F3 on waist level. That area is quite busy and very business-like, so I wanted to be more discrete without pointing a big camera like the F3 directly to people. The guy in the picture caught my attention because he was alone against the dark wall, and the sun was creating a sweet spot light exactly over his figure. I thought it was very minimal, and somehow a bit mystic.

Thank you all very much!

Adi W – @adiw1202
“Day turning into night”- the view from the 70th floor. #ilfordfilm Delta 100 with #Heliar 15mm. #DeltaDefJam #IlfordPhoto #believeinfilm #LosAngeles @ILFORDPhoto @DeltaDefJam

2017-10-17 - Adi W
2017-10-17 – Adi W 

I took that shot from the OUE Skyspace Observation Deck in Downtown Los Angeles. It’s located on the 70th floor of the US Bank Tower. I was shooting my Voigtlander Bessa R2A with a Voigtlander Heliar Ultra-wide 15mm, handheld on ILFORD Delta 100 Professional

The film was developed in Ilfotec DD-X at a dilution of 9+1 and scanned using SilverFast Version 8 on an old Epson 4870 scanner.

Congratulations to Ashley, Stephen, Claudio, Adi and everyone else who joined in for October’s party. The shortlist for Novembers event will be ready this week, so please keep your eyes peeled!
Thanks again and see you all soon.

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