It’s been a while coming but we’re finally able to announce the winners of September’s #DeltaDefJam event! It’s a bit of a unique announcement as we have four participants tied for fourth place – a first for us.
Let’s jump in.

Joint 3rd place

II – @3eyedmonster
Determination #DeltaDefJam #ilfordfilm #believeinfilm #delta400 #canona1 @DeltaDefJam

September 19th 2017 - II
September 19th 2017 – II

Giacomo Frullani‏ – @giacomofrullani
Laos #DeltaDefJam #hasselblad #mediumformat #ilfordfilm #ilfordfridayfavourites #delta100 #believeinfilm #filmisnotdead #photography #travel
September 20th 2017 - Giacomo Frullani‏
September 20th 2017 – Giacomo Frullani‏

Stefano‏ – @plusloin_music
“Open” #contaxt3 @ILFORDPhoto #Delta100 @DeltaDefJam #DeltaDefJam #believeinfilm
September 20th 2017 - Stefano‏
September 20th 2017 – Stefano‏


Monika‏ – @DrMarsRover
Untitled, from Housebound
@ILFORDPhoto Delta 100 | RSS pinhole 6×6
(3 hour 40 min exposure)

September 21st 2017 - Monika
September 21st 2017 – Monika


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2nd place

Jason Self‏ – @thisJasonSelf
A rare (for me) intentional double!
@deltadefjam #deltadefjam
📷: #nikonfm2n
🎞: @ilfordphoto #delta100 #believeinfi…

September 18th 2017 - Jason Self
September 18th 2017 – Jason Self


1st place

Mark Jimmy Hickford‏ – @M0MJH
Dog wasn’t too keen on me being so close to the old car. @DeltaDefJam @EMULSIVEfilm @sunny16podcast @ILFORDPhoto #DeltaDefJam #delta400

September 18th 2017 - Mark Jimmy Hickford
September 18th 2017 – Mark Jimmy Hickford

I seem to remember that it was the very last day of shoot week and I hadn’t got round to shooting a roll. As luck would have it, there was a village fair/car show on that day, which my mum was taking my dad’s old Hillman Hunter over to (he was out at some other event) and she asked if I wanted to come along with her to take some photos.
She sealed the deal by offering to take me to Sunday lunch at a pub. Result! So, I grabbed my Hasselblad 500CM with 80mm f/2.8 Planar C lens and a couple of rolls of film and chucked them in my bag. The light was, unfortunately, pretty crap, so I had to take the advice of Salt-n-Pepa and Push it (Ilford Delta 400 Professional) 3 stops to 3200. I’d never tried Delta 400 at that point, so I wasn’t sure how it would take the push, but I didn’t have much choice! I metered with a light meter app on my phone as I had forgotten my Sekonic light meter and hoped for the best.
I must say, I was bloody impressed! Such a lovely film with beautiful, smooth and tight grain. The blacks were rich and the tonality throughout was spectacular. I couldn’t tell you what the car was in this shot, but I know the dog wasn’t too keen on me getting too close to it! He certainly made that known!
I like that there is enough reflection on the glass that you can tell it’s there, but you can still see the dog clearly and there is a nice bit of action in the shot. Film photography has become such a large part of my life within the last year or so and I’m glad I found such a lovely community of people to share it with here on Twitter.
Thank you to everyone who voted for me. I was totally shocked when EM messaged me to say I’d won the community vote in Delta Def Jam!

Congratulations to II, Giacomo, Stefano, Monika, Jason and of course, Mark. It’s the first time we’ve had a tie between so many people for one of the spots and a testament to the quality of the work submitted for September’s event.
Thanks again and see you all soon with an update on October’s shortlist.

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