It’s time to announce the community-voted winner for #DeltaDefJam November 2017! It was a close call, with only 4% of the votes separating the top 3. Anyway, enough of me. Here’s the top three as voted by you!

3rd place

Adam James‏ – @silentcar
Did I mention that nearly every picture I have for the #DeltaDefJam was taken during a rainstorm in Chicago? And I unknowingly sacrificed a nice jacket to the gods of road salt. Worth it.
@ILFORDPhoto Delta 100

2017-11-21 - Adam James‏
2017-11-21 – Adam James‏


2nd place

Ais/Chuahiock‏ – @aisbaby
@DeltaDefJam Please just leave me here….. <3 @ILFORDPhoto #DeltaDefJam Delta 400 Entry #2 #believeinfilm

2017-11-22 - Aislinn Chuahiock
2017-11-22 – Aislinn Chuahiock


1st place

EFRS blog‏ – @EFRSblog
New post up at From @jodrellbank What a magnificent structure. #filmphotography #istillshootfilm #believeinfilm @Moorfeathers #DeltaDefJam #pentax67 #blackandwhitephotography

2017-11-26 - EFRS blog‏
2017-11-26 – EFRS blog‏

Here’s a bit about the photo:

This was taken at Jodrell Bank in Cheshire, North West UK. I grew up not too far away but haven’t been there since I was a kid so going back was pretty cool. It’s an amazing structure and well worth reading about. The white framework was just crying out for B&W. I liked the fact the dish was pointing directly up as I do like symmetry however the only disappointment was one of the legs had scaffolding around which did spoil the full view shot. The camera was my Pentax 67 MkII with the 105mm f/2.4 lens plus red filter. I love this camera to bits. So solid and bang on every time. The built in meter is a match for anything today. This was tripod mounted.
Film was my go to ILFORD Delta 100 Professional pushed to 200. The push doesn’t effect quality just gives a bit more contrast which is what I like. I like Delta as it’s so versatile and covers so many situations well. The weather was perfect with a few clouds and nice low autumnal light. Spent a few hours there snapping away and the rest of the shots can be found on our blog ( is our birding blog) And here’s to the next #DeltaDefJam !

Congratulations again to everyone who took part. It’s always difficult making the shortlists for these parties but that doesn’t compare to your task of voting for your favourite amongst such a tight pack. That’s it for DeltaDefJam 2017, thank you all for joining and with any luck, you’ll see DeltaDefJam returning at some point in 2019.

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