Hello and welcome to the best of #DeltaDefJam November 2017 – the last of the year. Apologies it’s taken so long to get this out to you guys. Apologies out of the way, it’s time it’s time to take a look back Novembers’s post week.
The party saw over 240 entries over the course of post week as you can imagine, the quality of entries was second to note.
Here goes!

November 20th 2017

Stig‏ – @Stig_Ofthedump
For #DeltaDefJam my 2nd challenge was to shoot expired @ILFORDPhoto Delta 100 in pinhole, so here it is RSS, 6×12 #WestKirby #Wirral #believeinfilm @DeltaDefJam

2017-11-20 - Stig Starr
2017-11-20 – Stig Starr

Monobod‏ – @JohnScarbro1
2 @DeltaDefJam Quick Fag. Delta 100. Canon eos 600. @ILFORDPhoto DD-X #DeltaDefJam #beliveinfilm #streetphotography #filmphotography
2017-11-20 - Monobod
2017-11-20 – Monobod

Alex Luyckx‏ – @AlexLuyckxPhoto
@DeltaDefJam – Day 01 Entry 01 – The Blacksmith Shop – Hasselblad 500c – Planar 80/2.8 – Delta 400 @ 400 – HC-110 (B) #DeltaDefJam #believeinfilm #IlfordPhoto #Ilford
2017-11-20 - Alex Luyckx
2017-11-20 – Alex Luyckx

Denise‏ – @mybluephase
#deltadefjam Turtles
Fuji gs645s/Ilford Delta 3200 at iso 1600


November 21st 2017

Christopher Taudt‏ – @ch_taudt
Get looked at. 📷: #MamiyaRZ67
🎞: #IlfordDelta400
⚗️: Rodinal 1:25
@DeltaDefJam #DeltaDefJam No. 2

2017-11-21 - Christopher Taudt‏
2017-11-21 – Christopher Taudt‏

Adam James‏ – @silentcar
Did I mention that nearly every picture I have for the #DeltaDefJam was taken during a rainstorm in Chicago? And I unknowingly sacrificed a nice jacket to the gods of road salt. Worth it.
@ILFORDPhoto Delta 100
2017-11-21 - Adam James‏
2017-11-21 – Adam James‏

Ryan Keinath‏ – @keinath_ryan
(Composition Study: Fractal) delta100 in Xtol. #DeltaDefJam #believeinfilm #filmisnotdead
2017-11-21 - Ryan Keinath‏
2017-11-21 – Ryan Keinath‏

Michael Sturgess‏ – @MikeySturgess
Balda Baldafix 6×9
Ilford Delta 100
2017-11-21 - Michael Sturgess‏
2017-11-21 – Michael Sturgess‏


November 22nd 2017

Mike Kukavica‏ – @mkukavica
My #DeltaDefJam entry taken in Oatman, AZ. Delta 400 shot with a Canon EOS-1V & 70-200 at EI 400, processed with DD-X at 20C #believeinfilm

2017-11-22 - Mike Kukavica‏
2017-11-22 – Mike Kukavica‏

Ais/Chuahiock‏ – @aisbaby
@DeltaDefJam Please just leave me here….. <3 @ILFORDPhoto #DeltaDefJam Delta 400 Entry #2 #believeinfilm
2017-11-22 - Aislinn Chuahiock
2017-11-22 – Aislinn Chuahiock

Adam James‏ – @silentcar
Some piffy metaphor about faith #DeltaDefJam
@ILFORDPhoto Delta 400
2017-11-22 - Adam James‏
2017-11-22 – Adam James‏

James Cockroft‏ – @jam_esc
Driving in the rain for the @DeltaDefJam @ILFORDPhoto #Delta400 @lomography #SprocketRocket
2017-11-22 - James Cockroft‏
2017-11-22 – James Cockroft‏


November 23rd 2017

Monobod‏ – @JohnScarbro1
@DeltaDefJam Poised. Canon eos 600. Delta 100 @ILFORDPhoto DD-X #beliveinfilm #filmphotography #streetphotography #DeltaDefJam

2017-11-23 - Monobod‏
2017-11-23 – Monobod‏

Ryan Keinath‏ – @keinath_ryan
This one is influenced by Dziga Vertov. Delta 100, pushed 200, in Xtol 1:2 15 minutes. #DeltaDefJam #believeinfilm #filmisnotdead
2017-11-23 - Ryan Keinath‏
2017-11-23 – Ryan Keinath‏

Martina‏ – @moerkrum
More cathedral walls for @DeltaDefJam
#monochrome #ilford #believeinfilm #embracethegrain #believeinfilm #sheshootsfilm
2017-11-23 - Martina‏
2017-11-23 – Martina‏

Claudio Gomboli‏ – @gomboli
#DeltaDefJam day 3
Ricoh R1 @ILFORDPhoto Delta 100
@DeltaDefJam #filmphotography
2017-11-23 - Claudio Gomboli‏
2017-11-23 – Claudio Gomboli‏


November 24th 2017

Martina‏ – @moerkrum
And another one from the night walk around the cathedral. As an atheist I’m fascinated by places of worship. @DeltaDefJam #ILFORDphoto #ISO3200 #linz #DeltaDefJam #believeinfilm

2017-11-24 - Martina‏
2017-11-24 – Martina‏

Marcin Bajer‏ – @rrrodrigo
Over The Hills And Far Away
📷 Pentax MZ-6 + FA 80-320/4.5-56
🎞 #ILFORDPhoto #Delta3200
🛁 HC-110 1:63
#DeltaDefJam #landscape #filmphotography #Poland
2017-11-24 - Marcin Bajer
2017-11-24 – Marcin Bajer

Ashley B Williams‏ – @Grumpyfck
#8 Tyre swing. Bronica s2a – Delta 100 – DD-X 1:6
@DeltaDefJam #DeltaDefJam #believeinfilm
2017-11-24 - Ashley B Williams
2017-11-24 – Ashley B Williams

Toni Skokovic‏ – @junctionrails
@DeltaDefJam in PortCredit, #longexposure on @ILFORDPhoto Delta100 at EI80 processed in SPUR HRX #DeltaDefJam
2017-11-24 - Toni Skokovic‏
2017-11-24 – Toni Skokovic‏


November 25th 2017

erik‏ – @ClickErik
This one for reals #DeltaDefJam Saturday! Along the esker.120 Delta 3200 at 1000, in pyrocat hd. @DeltaDefJam @ILFORDPhoto

2017-11-25 - Erik Gould
2017-11-25 – Erik Gould

Back East Photo‏ – @BackEastPhoto
📷: Hassy 501CM/Planar 80
🔴: Orange filter
🎞: #IlfordPhoto Delta 400
⚗️: Ilfotec DD-X (1+6)
#DeltaDefJam #BelieveInFilm
2017-11-25 - Back East Photo‏
2017-11-25 – Back East Photo‏

RussButner‏ – @RussButner
2017-11-25 - Russ Butner‏
2017-11-25 – Russ Butner‏

John Burns‏ – @johncburns
#DeltaDefJam Glasgow street art. Delta400 EL1600, DDX, Olympus OM1. @ILFORDPhoto
2017-11-25 - John Burns
2017-11-25 – John Burns


November 26th

Brent DeLanoy‏ – @brentdelanoy
One last super contrasty #DeltaDefJam shot. #believeinfilm

2017-11-26 - Brent DeLanoy‏
2017-11-26 – Brent DeLanoy‏

erik‏ – @ClickErik
One last round for me @DeltaDefJam Beech tree in North Burial Ground #Delta3200 at 1000, developed in #pyrocat #DeltaDefJam @ILFORDPhoto #stveronica
2017-11-26 - Erik Gould
2017-11-26 – Erik Gould

Monika‏ – @DrMarsRover
Pot lids
@ILFORDPhoto Delta 100 RSS 6×6 pinhole
2017-11-26 - Monika
2017-11-26 – Monika

EFRS blog‏ – @EFRSblog
New post up at http://manualfocusuk.com From @jodrellbank What a magnificent structure. #filmphotography #istillshootfilm #believeinfilm @Moorfeathers #DeltaDefJam #pentax67 #blackandwhitephotography

2017-11-26 - EFRS blog‏
2017-11-26 – EFRS blog‏

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  1. Must be me, but as I completed the form (one vote for each day) the previous day’s vote disappeared. Anyway, the form I received back confirming my choices looks like I voted on one day only…oh no!

  2. @DeltaDefJam with such a range of subjects and situations, I was torn between many – congratulations to all of you!