"Untitled", Cabeça Gorda, Redondo, Portugal. Minolta X700, MD 50mm f1.7, loaded with Kodak T-MAX 400 exposed at EI 800 and developed in Kodak T-MAX developer. Printed on ILFORD MGIV FB Warmtone, developed in Kodak Dektol. Dektol in general seemed to produce a slightly warmer rendition.

Interview #158: I am Luis Barrancos and this is why I shoot film

Today’s interviewee hails from Portugal and is currently enjoying life in tropical Malaysia.

FPP Retrochrome 320 - Minolta Maxumm 800SI - Sedgwick County Zoo, Wichita, KS

EMULSIVE interview #151: I am Denise Grays and this is why I shoot film

Today’s interviewee is a stalwart of the Twitter film photography community and I’m so happy to be able to bring her interview to you today.

Bella and Lost Lake, Kodak GC 400, Minolta SRT-102, West Michigan

EMULSIVE interview #133: I am Lisa DeShantz-Cook and this is why I shoot film

After last week’s lifting of the curtain with my interview of myself (meta!), it’s back to business as usual with this week’s interview.

Well, I say business as usual but Lisa DeShantz-Cook’s photography is nothing of the sort.

#MySurrounding - Developing room

My return to film: Adib Mufty

Indulge me a brief stroll down memory lane.

It was during the fall of 2004 when I was first exposed to photography through a course at university.

Alex Luyckx - Self Portrait

EMULSIVE interview #117: I am Alex Luyckx and this is why I shoot film

Alex Luyckx. For me it’s a name synonymous with an irascible passion for film.

Tiwi Islands

EMULSIVE interview #109: I am Unsavoryandgrouse and this is why I shoot film

Today we’ve got a little treat for you in the form of Nik, aka unsavouryandgrouse. Nik’s a relatively new film shooter and based in Australia.

River trail trees after rain - Bobby Kulik

EMULSIVE interview #93: I am Bobby Kulik and this is why I shoot film

If you believe when today’s photographer says he’s only been shooting film for the past four or five years, you’re in the minority.

Mamiya RB67, Fuji Provia 100F

EMULSIVE interview #87: I am Christopher Schmidtke and this is why I shoot film

I’ve got more fresh blood for you today in the form of Christopher Schmidtke from Wuerzburg, Germany.

I won’t spoil it and let you all jump in;

Jonas Lundström

Film stock review: Kodak EASTMAN DOUBLE-X (5222) – 35mm format – by Jonas Lundstrom

EMULSIVE: By way of a quick preface, regular readers and followers of EMULSIVE-related ramblings on Twitter will be familiar with our Interview and Photographer’s Daypack series should be familiar with Jonas Lundström.