I purchased this camera through Gumtree because it came with some great accessories (Minolta Auto 320X Flash, the Hanimex lens used here, a Makinon MC f/4.5 80-200mm zoom, Minolta auto winder and various filters!) and, it was an excellent price at AU$50! This roll was a test of sorts for the camera: I had just changed the light seals and wanted to see how that had gone. This was the second roll of film I had put through the camera. The film was expired by a little over 10 years so I shot at half the ISO value.

I used the Hanimex lens entirely for this roll. I had always felt that Hanimex had a ‘cheap n nasty’ reputation about it as a brand and I wanted to see just how well it would perform. Well you can see the answers for yourselves! Got some nice sharp photos and lovely colour from this expired roll. Unfortunately, there is still some slight light leaks (not evident in these here) and so I have to revisit the light seals. The light seals for this camera are actually tightly wound pieces of string and not the usual rubbery foam.

These shots were taken around Newcastle (Australia), Newcastle Beach, King Edward Park and the Bogey Hole. On good days the Paragliders sail up and down the coastline making the most of the updrafts from the cliffs.

During my meal break you’ll probably find me wandering around with a camera in hand!

~ Pete

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  1. Love these images Pete. I recently shot a roll of expired Superia 100 and got great results , your passion shines through, keep it up …