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Photography: Light traffic – Shot on Rollei Ortho 25 at EI...

Light traffic Shot on Rollei Ortho 25 at EI 25 Black and white negative film in 120 format shot as 6x6   Development notes: Rodinal: 1+50, 21°C/70°F, 06:00 (N) No presoak, 1-minute initial agitation, 5 inversions/minute, normal stop/fix/rinse  

Camera review: Bronica SQ-Ai – by Adrian Vila

Just a few months ago, I was happily shooting digital. But my work was lacking something. Soul, perhaps.

EMULSIVE's most popular film photography experimentation articles of 2017

What would film photography be without the experimentation aspect? Sticking to box speeds, recommended developers and "the right way" of doing things is boring     10.

Long exposure film tests part three: Kodak Professional Ektar 100, Portra...

Welcome to the third instalment of my Long Exposure Test series. In this part, I am looking at 5 readily available colour negative films and how adjustment of longer exposure times effects the outcomes.

Long exposure film tests part two: ILFORD HP5 PLUS, ILFORD Delta...

Welcome to part two of my long exposure test results.

Long exposure film tests part one: ILFORD PAN F+, ILFORD FP4+,...

Long exposure film photography is a technique central to my currently ongoing photography project, Where We Meet. Capturing the smooth extensions of water movement, contrasted with static elements of the shoreline is the key to this visual narrative.