There’s only one week to go until registration for Secret Santa 2016 closes. Time is definitely running out.

If you’re reading this on November 24th 2016 then there are exactly seven days left for you to register for EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2016. Heading into the final week of registrations there are currently 317 players ready and waiting.

It’s an amazing feat made possible only because of your efforts in getting the word out. Thank you all so much.

You may recall that last week’s update announced additional sponsors for Secret Santa 2016: Vancouver’s Beau photo supplies and the one and only Eastman Kodak. They joined Billingham, Expired Film Day, Ilford Photo, Kodak Alaris and Lomography NYC as existing sponsors for this year’s event today we’re announcing four more, bringing the total to 11!

The new sponsors for Secret Santa 2016 are (in alphabetical order):


595 Strap Co

Run by Twitter’s own Dave Young, Dave will be providing one of his classic handmade 42″ shoulder straps to three lucky participants.

~ 595 Strap Co website:


Old School Photo Lab

Poppers took a few minutes away from the dark room to let us know that OSPL will be providing three gifts for this year’s secret santa. The are: five rolls of free developing.scanning ($80 value), a Holga camera with flash, a poppers / believeinfilm coffee mug and an oldschool t-shirt. We’ll be assiging the three gifts randomly – one to whoever matches EMULSIVE and the other two to two randomly selected participants.

~ Old School Photo Lab website:


Shoot Film Co

The one and only Mike Padua has offered his support as sponsor and we couldn’t be more pleased. Mike will be providing three gift packs, each containing a pack of stickers, patches and pins, as well as a pack of his newly released Photomemo. While you wait for Secret Santa to kick off next week, please head on over to Shoot Film Co’s website. They’re running a 15% off promotion until the end of the month, with 15% of all profits going to Toys for Tots. Use the promo code “timetogive” to get your discount.

~ Shoot Film Co:


The Film Guy

Rudi Oliver over at The Film Guy has been kind enough to offer up three of his retro camera straps for three lucky winners. As with the other sponsors here, one strap will be going to whoever matches with EMULSIVE and one each to two lucky participants.

~ The Film Guy:



Sponsor recap

There’s a lot going on, so let me recap this year’s sponsors and the gift pool. One again, in alphabetical order the sponsors for Secret Santa 2016 are:

595 Strap Co website:

Beau Photo Supplies:


Eastman Kodak Company:

Expired Film Day:


Kodak Alaris:

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Lomography NYC:

Old School Photo Lab website:

Shoot Film Co:

The Film Guy:


And here’s a breakdown of the gifts. First of all, whoever matches with EMULSIVE will receive a BUMPER collection of gifts:

  • A gift from EMULSIVE.
  • A handmade leather shoulder strap from 595 Strap Co.
  • A gift from Billingham.
  • A mystery goody bag from Eastman Kodak Company.
  • A camera / film pack from Expired Film Day.
  • An Obscura camera, 120 and 35mm film, a negative loupe and badge from ILFORD.
  • A Kodak Professional Film sampler pack from Kodak Alaris.
  • A camera and film sampler from Lomograhpy NYC.
  • Free development, a camera, or Poppers paraphernalia from Old School Photo Lab.
  • A pack of stickers, patches, pins and Photomemo notebooks from Shoot Film Co.
  • A retro camera strap from The Film Guy.
  • …and maybe some biscuits

In addition there are a total of ten sponsor gifts, which will be sent randomly to participants lucky enough to match with Eastman Kodak, Expired Film Day, ILFORD, Kodak Alaris and Lomography NYC:

  • 2x handmade leather shoulder strap from 595 Strap Co.
  • 2x Cameras from Beau Photo Supplies.
  • 2x Mystery goody bags from Eastman Kodak Company.
  • 2x Camera / film packs from Expired Film Day.
  • 2x Obscura camera, 120 and 35mm film, a negative loupe and badge from ILFORD.
  • 2x Kodak Professional Film sampler pack from Kodak Alaris.
  • 2x camera and film sampler goody bags from Lomograhpy NYC.
  • 2x Free development, a camera, or Poppers paraphernalia from Old School Photo Lab.
  • 2x packs of stickers, patches, pins and Photomemo notebooks from Shoot Film Co.
  • 2x retro camera straps from The Film Guy.
  • …and probably no biscuits but we’re working on it.


Remember there was previous talk of a super-secret-not-so-secret gift being added to the pool? Well, I’m pleased to be able to reveal it to you all officially today. Dan K over on Twitter has offered up a 1959 single stroke chrome Leica M3 body 50mm f3.5 Leitz Elmar lens for his gift. If you’re lucky enough to match him, you’re in for a massive treat – it’s a beauty!



Next steps

As per the previous update, we’ll making the draw on Thursday December 1st, or possibly a few days later.

Once the draw takes place, you’ll be notified by email. We’ll also be posting on Twitter and Facebook to remind you, just in case it gets filtered to your Junk folder.

Remember that this is anonymous, so you won’t know who is giving you a gift, only who you will be sending it to.

You will be able to send anonymous messages to your match once the draw takes place and we’d suggest you use the opportunity to find out a little about what they can and cannot use film-wise before sending your gift.

You’ll be able to request clarification of address details from your match, so you can make sure your gift goes to the right place. Remember, the faster you send out your gift, the better chance your match has of getting it before Christmas Day – which is the point after all.

We want to make sure that everyone is protected, so we’re asking you all to make sure you get a proof of postage and to make sure you take a photo of it for your records – we can’t stress this enough.

If you have ANY issues at all, please let us know using the contact page, or by sending an email to



Sign up now!

In case you’re not already signed up to play, here’s some background for you.

The premise of the EMULSIVE Secret Santa is simple; commit to sending a fellow lover of film photography a gift – with a value of at least US$10 – be it film, a cereal box camera, or perhaps something much bigger. You can read more here.

Registration is open until midnight on Monday November 30th 2015 and the draw will be made on or around Thursday December 1st 2016. Once the draw is made, you’ll be matched up with someone and you’ll be tasked with sending a gift to them. Remember that they might be in a different country to you.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting involved:

  • Sign-up for the EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2016 using Elfster, our chosen service provider.
  • Add your real name, your preferred internet handle, or something else.
  • Add some details about yourself, a picture (if you want), and details of what you want from your Secret Santa.
  • Wait until the draw and then jump into action and send your gift.
  • Wait…
  • Receive and share your gift on Twitter with @EMULSIVEsanta!
  • Really, it’s that simple. Sign up, add some info, wait, send, receive!



Things to remember

  • SIGN UP!
  • Confirm anything you need with your match using Elfster’s messaging system and get your package ready for shipping by December 9th 2016 at the very latest..
  • Remember to package responsibly and in the same manner you’d hope to receive something yourself.
  • GET PROOF OF POSTAGE. This little idea is reliant on trust. Everyone is taking everyone else for their word.
  • If you don’t intend to send a gift, don’t take one from someone else.  We cannot stress this enough. 

Still have a few questions? Not to worry, leave them in the comments below and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Good luck!



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