UPDATE 03: Updated pricing of US$9.99/$49.95 for 1x/5x 120 rolls and $39.95 per box of 4×5 has been provided by the Film Photography Project and US$9.55 for 1×120 roll at the Find Lab.

UPDATE 02: Pricing of US$18/£13.50 for 1×120 roll has been provided by Analogue Wonderland. This may be subject to variations on other websites, as Kodak Alaris does not set MRSP. Preorders are open for worldwide shipping. Stock expected worldwide within the next 10 days.

UPDATE 01: Both formats should be available for consumer orders in 10 days, worldwide. 120 format E100 is coated on 3.94 mil Kodak ESTAR. E100 sheet film is coated on 7 mil ESTAR, as all other Kodak sheet films.

Further details now on the global Kodak Alaris website.

According to a press release published today by Kodak Alaris Japan, Kodak EKTACHROME E100 will be released this winter. The press release states that the film will be available in both 5x 120 roll pro packs and 4×5 sheet film (10 sheets).

There is no word on availability or a consumer price point at this time, although the press release states that preorders will be open soon – which assumes preorders for dealer channels, as opposed to consumers.

The translated press release in full (Japanese version follows):

Notice of resumption of sales of 120 size and 4 × 5 size

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Thank you for your continued patronage of KODAK products.

Kodak Alaris Japan Co., Ltd. (President: Eizo Iijima) will resume sales of color reversal films “KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTACHROME film E100 120 4×5 format” this winter.

As a result of announcing 135 format last fall, we have received favourable customer reviews and many calls for the introduction of 120 and large format versions.

E100 features
Kodak EKTACHROME E100 features clean and vibrant colors, a neutral tonal scale and extremely fine grain. It is a film that not only has vivid colors and very fine grain but also a very high resolution and sharpness.

Its distinctive finish makes it suitable for various uses such as daytime scenery, nature photography, product photography, and fashion photography. Since it becomes a positive film after development, it can be viewed immediately.

Products offered will me “120” size (5 pack) and “4×5” size (10 sheets). This product is scheduled to start receiving orders soon.

Catalog numbers

Product NameCatlog No.
EKTACHROME E100 120 5-pack
(120 PK5 ECHRM E100)
873 1200
EKTACHROME E100 4X5 (10 sheets)
(10SH 4X5 ECHRM E100)
896 0312

Thank you for your patronage.

120サイズおよび4×5サイズ 販売再開のお知らせ


平素より KODAK 製品をご愛用賜りまして誠にありがとうございます。

Kodak Alaris Japan株式会社(代表取締役社長:飯島栄三)は、この冬、カラーリバーサルフィルム「KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTACHROME film E100 120サイズならびに E 100 4×5サイズ」の販売を再開いたします。







製品名 カタログ番号

エクタクローム E100 120 5本パック
(120 PK5 ECHRM E100)
873 1200
エクタクローム E100 4X5 (10枚)
(10SH 4X5 ECHRM E100)
896 0312


You can find the original PDF press release at Kodak Alaris Japan’s website.

There is no word as to availability in Europe, although it is my opinion that formal word from Alaris in the US and EU is not far behind.

~ EM

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  1. Well, although it is really nice seeing a film being resurrected……………..big deal is all I can say! I have found E100 in 35mm size to be simply too anaemic for my taste. However, if you use a Cokin Blue/Yellow polariser, you can get much better bolder and saturated colours that make it look like the film they should have brought back – Extra Colour or VS – I loved both and miss them terribly. Kodak EC and VS whites were white – not tinted white like Velvia 50.

    I continue to live in hope about EC and VS.