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Hot off the press from EASTMAN Kodak and Kodak Alaris: EKTACHROME E100 is available starting from today. Here’s everything you need to know.

The new EKTACHROME film, officially designated E100 in 35mm format is available for order by dealers and distributors immediately and will begin shipping starting from next week. Initially available in 35mm 36 exposure cartridges, 8mm film (EKTACHROME 7294) will start shipping on October 1st 2018 and 16mm film is expected to begin shipping by the end of the year.

Originally announced at CES in January 2017, the return of EKTACHROME comes some five and a half years after the discontinuation of the company’s entire slide film line in March 2012.

The new film is based on EKTACHROME E100G and features moderate saturation, neutral tones and extremely fine grain. Although the film can be developed in any E6 chemistry, neither Eastman Kodak or Kodak Alaris provide an E6 developer. The future possibility of a new line of chemistry is currently “under study”.

Kodak cite the recent resurgence in the popularity of film photography and motion picture film as one of the motivators for bringing back this iconic line of films. Dennis Olbrich, President of Kodak Alaris Paper, Photo Chemicals and Film agrees:

“We recently brought KODAK PROFESSIONAL T-MAX P3200 Film back to market, and the response was overwhelming,”

Dennis goes on to say, “Based on the response we’re seeing to beta test images on social media, we expect the return of EKTACHROME E100 to be equally well received.”

You can read a more in-depth perspective from Dennis and Kodak Alaris management over at the Kodak Alaris Community Interview here on EMULSIVE.

Dennis Olbrich isn’t the only Kodak executive to weigh in on EKTACHROME. As Steve Bellamy, President of Eastman Kodak Company’s Motion Picture and Entertainment Division says:

“EKTACHROME Film was the choice for generations of filmmakers. The distinct and unparalleled look of films like Tony Scott’s “Domino” and Spike Lee’s “Inside Man” could not have been achieved without EKTACHROME. We are extremely excited to reintroduce this film to those who know and love it, and to a new generation of motion picture artists.”

Beta testers of EKTACHROME E100 have already been sharing their sample images on social media for some weeks now and until the rest of us are able to get our hands on the new film, here’s everything EKTACHROME right here on EMULSIVE.Good luck getting a roll and remember, keep shooting, folks!~ EM 


Clarification of ordering/shipping windows. Details on emulsion formulation and potential Kodak E-6 chemistry.

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