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EMULSIVE’s most popular articles of 2019

And here it is, the final listicle of 2019: the most popular articles of the year as decided by you. For a year dominated by new product releases across the board, it’s no surprise that announcements/updates from and about film, paper and camera manufacturers took a number of slots in the list below. If you’ve […]

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A complete guide to the Mamiya RZ67, part four: maintenance and miscellaneous accessories

Over the past three weeks, I have introduced you to the Mamiya RZ67 Professional camera, its series of film holders and the extensive lens system. In this, part four of the series, I will introduce you to the main system accessories and some basic maintenance/troubleshooting concepts. The neck strap After purchasing my RZ, the first […]

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A love letter to motion pictures

My grandma would introduce me to her friends as “James the photographer” and I would whisper under my breath “‘I’m a filmmaker, not a photographer” but thinking about it now she was right. Since the age of 12, I have always carried a video camera with me, I quickly became fascinated with recording everything I […]