I love ILFORD XP2 SUPER.  It’s a film I have shot with extensively.  It is a C-41 black and white film so not a ‘true’ black and white film. I say that because that is the way it is viewed by some, as it probably does not give the same control in both development and darkroom printing that a “proper” black and white film will give those that need such control.

That said however, it produces very fine B&W images. Every time I use it, it surprises me how good it looks.  I have been trialling a relatively new to me camera recently, a Zeiss IKON Nettar.  Thus I loaded a roll of 120 XP2 Super and took a walk around Westminster Embankment.

It was a cold, murky and drizzly day, I was actually hoping for a bit of mist and fog also as I wanted a bit of atmosphere in the images.  I had no specific plans for this roll and just shot whatever took my eye.  I decided to walk from Westminster to Embankment station. As it was a murky day I wanted the extra light being next to the river would give me, ie no major shadows from the buildings.  I also knew the drizzle would give me a shine on the pavements.

Here are my five:

I highly recommend this film for anyone, it has multiple uses is very forgiving and if you still have a local lab, easy to get developed.

By the way did I mention I really love ILFORD XP2 SUPER?

~ Sandeep

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Sandeep Sumal

London and South East England based amateur film photographer. I enjoy wandering with my camera seeing what the world has to offer and how I can capture it. Oh and biscuits, I enjoy biscuits.

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  1. Hi Sandeep as you know I particularly loved that one of the guy in his window, but overall a really nice set too, shows your skills as well as how good the Nettar and XP2 are