Foma Bohemia celebrates upcoming 100 year anniversary with new packaging

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With their 100-year anniversary coming up in 2021, Foma Bohemia, makers of FOMAPAN black and white photographic film and papers is popping the cork a little early with three new, limited edition “retro” 1930s styled box art for its FOMAPAN 100 Classic, FOMAPAN 200 Creative and FOMAPAN 400 Action line of films.

It’s not a new film stock but that’s ok with me.

(All new box art courtesy of Maco Direct product listings.)

So far only seen in 120 roll film format, you can find the new box art and order a roll or two for yourself over at MacoDirect. The new packaging will officially be available from July 10th, with prices ranging from €3.90 to €4.50 per roll.

Some non-affiliate links for those interested in checking them out:

Part of me has to wonder if the decision for this particular aspect of their 100-year anniversary celebration – still 18 months away – has anything to do with the success of other recent “retro” box art and other materials. I’m not complaining, I love the look regardless of the motivation.

Recent examples which spring to mind are posters created ILFORD for their 2017 retro poster collection, Kosmo Foto Mono 100’s USSR-themed branding or more recently, SREDA Film Lab’s use of creative artwork on their rebranded/bulk-loaded film products (more on SREDA here for those interested).

If you’re looking for examples of great looking film packaging from days gone by, Japan Camera Hunter has a great countdown of their favourite photographic film box art designs of all time.

Many thanks to Jordi (Instagram’s 13_president) for the tip. It just goes to show what idle hands can find when they’re trying to find new ways to drain the bank account. If you have something you’d like to share, please send it over (anonymously or not) via the contact page right here.

One more thing before I go: congratulations to Foma Bohemia on reaching one Hundred!

~ EM

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