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#NEOPANTASTIC: Best of May 2017#NEOPANTASTIC: Best of May 2017

#NEOPANTASTIC: Best of May 2017

Welcome to the best of #NEOPANTASTIC May 2017. As selected by myself and the party’s moderation/judging panel (details in the NEOPANTASTIC Twitter bio. Speaking of which, hats off to the team for doing such a great job spreading the word and helping to build discussion and conversation over the course of the month the party ran this year. It felt like we had been going for months (in the best possible sense!)

We had a little over 272 entries over the course of shoot week and to say that the quality of submissions was high is a bit of an understatement. Each of the 28 photographs you see below was selected as an example of what the panel and I deemed to be the best representations of the capability, beauty and “look” of Fuji NEOPAN, as we all of course, the individual merits of the photographs themselves.

A voting form has been provided at the foot of this page for you to cast your votes for your favorite of the 28, and voting is open until Sunday June 18th. At this point, your votes will be collated and a winner announced.

Here we go.



Day one – 22 May 2017

Tom Rayfield‏ – @mr_rayfield
#NEOPANtastic #PostWeek @EMULSIVEfilm @neopantastic

2017-05-22 - Tom Rayfield

2017-05-22 – Tom Rayfield


Shawn Miller‏ – @s_miller_photo
Great Falls, VA. Mamiya RB67, Fuji Acros 100, 1s at f/32
#neopantastic #believeinfilm #acros #fujifilm #greatfalls

2017-05-22 - Shawn Miller‏

2017-05-22 – Shawn Miller‏


Andre Thibault‏ – @art569
@EMULSIVEfilm #neopantastic #filmisnotdead #believeinfilm #postweek #Hasselblad #yellowfilter #acros100

2017-05-22 - Andre Thibault

2017-05-22 – Andre Thibault


Darren Rose‏ – @winterrosephoto
A little bit of street for #neopantastic post week. Acros 100 pushed to 200 and dev’d in Rodinal #filmphotography #believeinfilm #35mmfilm

2017-05-22 - Darren Rose

2017-05-22 – Darren Rose



Day two – 23 May 2017

Mike Kukavica‏ – @mkukavica
D-Day Doll #35mm #neopantastic #believeinfilm @EMULSIVEfilm @BelieveInFilm

2017-05-23 - Mike Kukavica‏

2017-05-23 – Mike Kukavica‏


Back East Photo – @BackEastPhoto
2nd pic this week – “Pole Position” #NEOPANtastic #postweek @neopantastic #Neopan #Acros #Yashica #124G Developed/scanned by @OldSchoolLab

2017-05-23 - Back East Photo

2017-05-23 – Back East Photo


Calor Gas Terry‏ – @calor_gas_terry
First #neopantastic post – Neopan 400 on Ben Nevis with my GR1v

2017-05-23 - Calor Gas Terry

2017-05-23 – Calor Gas Terry


John Burns‏ – @johncburns
Today’s entry for #neopantastic Olympus OM1 Acros 100 red filter. Post and oil seed rape in Wiltshire.

2017-05-23 - John Burns

2017-05-23 – John Burns



Day three – 24 May 2017

Ranjit Narayanan‏ – @Wodehouse_Fan
Center for wooden boats, seattle
Acros 100
#neopantastic @neopantastic @EMULSIVEfilm #postweek #leicam6

2017-05-24 - Ranjit Narayanan

2017-05-24 – Ranjit Narayanan


Michael Sturgess‏ – @MikeySturgess
#NEOPANtastic expired CN400, Pentax Espio AF Zoom.
Verona Arena.

2017-05-24 - Michael Sturgess

2017-05-24 – Michael Sturgess


Dustin Veitch‏ – @FaultyFlipFlap
Prairie details
Canon Elan IIe / Fuji Neopan 400
#neopantastic @neopantastic

2017-05-24 - Dustin Veitch‏

2017-05-24 – Dustin Veitch‏


Martina‏ – @moerkrum
Apparently “experimental-self portraits” was the theme for my #neopantastic shoot week 😉 Again: Acros 100 & Konica Big Mini. #believeinfilm

2017-05-24 - Martina‏

2017-05-24 – Martina‏



Day four – 25 May 2017

Dan Smith‏ – @DanSmith74
Up, Exit, No Entry? #neopantastic

2017-05-25 - Dan Smith

2017-05-25 – Dan Smith


Markus‏ – @StoneBuddha_
Fuji Neopan 400 with Rolleiflex 6008AF + Schneider 150mm #Neopantastic

2017-05-25 - Markus‏

2017-05-25 – Markus‏


Calor Gas Terry‏ – @calor_gas_terry
Even more #neopantastic goodness, this time at the Ben Nevis Distillery. Neopan 1600, box speed on my GR1v

2017-05-25 - Calor Gas Terry‏

2017-05-25 – Calor Gas Terry‏


Stodstreet‏ – @Stodstreet
@NEOPANtastic – forgotten – #NEOPANtastic #postweek

2017-05-25 - Stodstreet‏

2017-05-25 – Stodstreet‏



Day five – 26 May 2017

Tom Rayfield‏ – @mr_rayfield
#NEOPANtastic #PostWeek @EMULSIVEfilm @neopantastic

2017-05-26 - Tom Rayfield

2017-05-26 – Tom Rayfield


Steve@ロッテを優勝させるぞ!!- @lovelovemarines
A night time Acros long exposure for #neopantastic post week. Fuji GW680III. #believeinfilm @neopantastic

2017-05-26 - Steve

2017-05-26 – Steve


Danny Harvey‏ – @dannyh72
Last bit of neopandimonium for #NEOPANtastic week. I’ve enjoyed this film and plan to use it for a while now the sun is out. @neopantastic

2017-05-26 - Danny Harvey‏

2017-05-26 – Danny Harvey‏


edwardconde‏ – @edwardconde_
Cadillac Wheel | Nikon L35AF | Neopan SS |#expiredfilm #acrosSS #NEOPANtastic #postweek @EMULSIVEfilm @neopantastic #believeinfilm

2017-05-26 - Edward Conde‏

2017-05-26 – Edward Conde‏



Day six – 27 May 2017

Dustin Veitch‏ – @FaultyFlipFlap
Canon Elan IIe / Fuji Neopan 400
#Neopantastic @neopantastic

2017-05-27 - Dustin Veitch

2017-05-27 – Dustin Veitch


Joe Cunningham‏ – @JoeCCunningham
“Dogwood Sky” #neopantastic #postweek Acros 100, Hassy 500 C/M, Zeiss Planar 80mm, orange filter, Rodinal 1+100 semi-stand.

2017-05-27 - Joe Cunningham

2017-05-27 – Joe Cunningham


Pajamas 📷 📷 📷‏  – @pjdejesus
I couldn’t chair less
Canon FTb, 28mm F/2.8, Neopan 100
@neopantastic #neopantastic @EMULSIVEfilm #believeinfilm

2017-05-27 - Pajamas

2017-05-27 – Pajamas


Brent DeLanoy‏ – @brentdelanoy
My father-in-law, who very rarely suffers a camera pointed in his general direction. #neopantastic #believeinfilm

2017-05-27 - Brent DeLanoy

2017-05-27 – Brent DeLanoy



Day seven – 28 May 2017

Zheng Xu‏ – @zxuphoto
Times Square, NYC – last day of #NEOPANtastic shot with #NiknonF100 #Acros100 at EI 400 #BelieveInFilm #filmIsNotDead #filmphotography

2017-05-28 - Zheng Xu

2017-05-28 – Zheng Xu


Martina‏ – @moerkrum
The last one for #neopantastic post week. #doubleexposure #acros100 #believeinfilm #theresatreeinmyhead8976

2017-05-28 - Martina‏

2017-05-28 – Martina‏


Dan Smith‏ – @DanSmith74
My last #neopantastic image, big thanks for all the likes, comments and RT’s on my previous images. What a great week for Neopan 😀

2017-05-28 - Dan Smith‏

2017-05-28 – Dan Smith‏


Adi W 🎹 📷 💻 🎬 ✈ 🌈‏  – @adiw1202
Last ones – “Forest Floor 1 & 2” #neopantastic #believeinfilm #fujifilm #Acros100 @neopantastic #BessaR2A #treephotogallery #treeobsession

2017-05-28 - Adi W

2017-05-28 – Adi W


…and those are the 28 short listed photographs for what was #NEOPANTASTIC May 2017.

Please be sure to let us know which one amongst all these is your favorite using the form below. If you would rather use an alternative method to submit your vote, please leave a note in the comments below and remember that voting closes on Sunday 18th June.

It’s over to you…




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  1. Loved the choices, regretted that we can choose ONLY one favorite. I loved a couple. I flipped a coin over choosing between a couple of them, and then lost track.

    I like double exposures, camera-shy father-in-laws and all the water shots. It’s not fair.

    I’ve just begun to use Neopan almost exclusively, so this excites me a lot.

  2. @Grumpyfck some great stuff in there and thank goodness for @moerkrum repn’ the portraits!

  3. Congratulations to all who participated. So many fantastic Neopantastic pictures. This is going to be a really tough to vote.

  4. Thrilled to be included – thanks for all your hard work towards this community.

  5. This is next to impossible voting, Em. Thanks for putting so much time/effort into it.

  6. This was a very strong field of photos, even the ones not in the shortlist. I had blast and Neopan Acros 100 is prob my fav 100 speed film. Honored to be amongst this group of shots selected. Thank you!

  7. Great images everyone of them !

  8. Wow… great stuff here! Best film party yet?



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