Fujifilm NEOPAN 1600

#NEOPANTASTIC: Best of May 2017

Welcome to the best of #NEOPANTASTIC May 2017. As selected by myself and the party's moderation/judging panel (details in the NEOPANTASTIC Twitter bio.

Thoughts on Fuji NEOPAN 1600 AKA: let your film fulfil its destiny – by Sandeep Sumal

Some weeks back I bought 3 rolls of expired Fuji Neopan 1600.

Film love: DISCONTINUED… Working with Fuji NEOPAN – by Walter Rothwell

A mother informs her son that his best friend has just died... ”Just thought I should tell you, Peter is dead.” Stunned silence. “Why don’t you go down the road and play with Paul instead, I know you’ve never met