I’ve been into photography for about two years, using a digital Canon. I was doing mostly long exposures and street photography. A few months ago, I wanted to try something new with film photography.

These five photos are from my very first roll of film. These are mainly places I frequent every day, places which I have already photographed. But since it was my first film, I decided to rephotograph to see the difference in both the result and the realization between film and digital.

I had no idea then of the results I could get, especially since the Takumar lens is slightly yellowed by the time it came into my possession.

Armed with my Pentax I paced across these known places, familiar with a new look. It was a hot and sunny (Saturday as Saigon has a habit of offering). The first three shots were taken in the morning, around 9am before the heat was too stuffy to stand in the open in the street, the other two were taken at the end of the day. All this also allowed me to experience it in different situations, from my alleyway to an open-air bar passing by a boat cafe.

These five shots are the ones that ultimately moved me the most. They seem so familiar to me but they transport me away from Ho Chi Minh City where I live. I am quite happy with the result, despite the yellow tint very present in these photos.”

~ Antoine

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Antoine Wallet

My name is Antoine, geographer, I currently live in the bustling Saigon. I believe in long exposure, night and street photography. I recently bought a Pentax Spotmatic to try something different.


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  1. The yellow on the Takumar lens is because the glass is radioactive. You can place it in bright sunshine to reduce it but why bother it doesn’t harm anything. There are lots of excellent Takumar lenses and other great M42 mount lenses for that Pentax body. Good luck with your film shooting.