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5 Frames With… CineStill 50D (EI 50 / 35mm / Nikon...

Whenever I go out shooting with film, which seems to be a lot these days, I take my trusty Nikon F2 and the 50mm F/1.4 AI-S. Can I just say that this camera is a bit of a beast?

Travelogue: Following in Vivian Maier’s footsteps, my trip to Chicago

Traditionally when I go away on holiday, I tend to pick the less touristy places. That way I can get a better feel for a country and its people.

The Nikon F2: an everyday camera for the 21st Century

The F2 was Nikon's mechanical, manual flagship camera of the 1970s.

EMULSIVE interview #167: I am Mike Janik and this is why...

Today's interviewee should need no introduction but he gets one anyway.

EMULSIVE interview #85: I am Morgann Gicquel and this is why...

I managed to grab some time with today's interviewee as he was making preparations for this year's Canner Film Festival.

EMULSIVE interview #58: I am David Lingham and this is why...

We grabbed some time to have a chat with David Lingham, Wales-based darkroom purist and ex-litho industry stripper (not THAT kind). David's got some beautiful images to share, as well as some insight into his photographic journey and why

EMULSIVE interview #37: I am Daniel J Schneider and this is...

Today's interviewee is a new media journalist in one of the prettiest parts of the grand old U. S. of A.

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