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EMULSIVE 52 Rolls 2016 Week 10-13 update

"What is this mysterious object in the sky? Why does it burn my eyes? What is this feeling on my skin?

Photography: To infinity – Shot on Kodak EASTMAN DOUBLE-X 5222 at EI...

To infinity Shot on Kodak EASTMAN DOUBLE-X 5222 at EI 200 Black and white negative film in 35mm format        

EMULSIVE interview #70: I am Tim Heubeck and this is why...

We're really pleased to have been able to grab some time with the talented Tim Heubeck, a 19 year old photographer seemingly obsessed with black and white film and travel - a nice combination and great for producing the beautiful

Moment of impact: don’t kill yourself to take a photograph

One Saturday in mid-October 2015 I decided to take a walk over to my preferred film lab and put some freshly developed black and white negatives in for scanning.

EMULSIVE interview #47: I am Thomas Skrlj and this is why...

Today I'm sitting down with Thomas Skrlj (pronounced "Skurl").

EMULSIVE interview #28: I am Andrea Taurisano and this is why...

We're incredibly pleased to have gotten some time to talk with Andrea Taurisano about his reasons for shooting film and the evolution his photography has undergone in the 30 or so years that's he's been latched to his various film